Announcing our second annual $x.97 deal submission contest – You could win a $50 Costco cash card!

Calling all Costco-holics: we need your help again!

We’ve gained a lot of new followers and popularity over the last year (over 100,000 visitors and 300,000+ pageviews!!) – but in order for our humble site to be the most helpful to you and the rest of the Costco fanatics out there who are looking for the best deals possible, we need more people to share the $x.97 deals you find at your local Costco stores. This is a community driven site, so please  help others in your area score great deals by posting the hidden gems you find on your next trip to Costco.  It only takes a few minutes to share a deal.

To further sweeten the pot (yes, you can call it a bribe), we’re running a new contest this year from Nov 1st – Dec 15th .  The person whose post(s) is the most popular – which we’re measuring by unique page views on this site – will win a $50 Costco Cash Card. (Last  year it was $25.00 – big spenders we are now!) Each view counts as one popularity point.  If you share more than one deal to this site, we’ll add the total page views (popularity points) of all your submissions together.*  So it’s possible you could win if you have one really popular post that gets 1000+ views (hint: posts that end up on Slickdeals probably have a better chance of this) or if you submit 5 different deals that get just 200 views each. It’s up to you how you want to play it.

But wait, there’s more!  There are two other ways to increase your popularity points:

  1. You will earn 10 extra popularity points for every Facebook Like generated by your posted deal(s) and 10 extra points for every unique Retweet of your deal(s) on Twitter.* Only Likes and Retweets of the original post on the official Costco97 Facebook and Twitter accounts will be tracked. As soon as your deal is approved and published on this site (yes, we review each and every one), it will immediately be posted to Facebook and Twitter, where you can instantly share them with your friends & followers.
  2. If you post ends up on Slickdeals somehow (and links back to this site), you will earn 25 extra popularity points for every “thumbs up” your deal receives on the Slickdeals site.  Please note that we do NOT publish deals to Slickdeals (it’s against their T&C’s); it is up to you or others who find your post useful to post your deal to Slickdeals.

So, get on your marks, get set, and start posting! This contest begins now.


*OK, here’s the fine print: Please don’t try to game the system in any way. We will disqualify you if we suspect any monkey business! (We have our ways, so please don’t try it.) This is meant to bring some fun, a nice prize, and a lot of extra deals posted to the site. In this way, everyone wins, really. In the end, we reserve the right to award the $50 Costco Cash Card to whomever didn’t cheat. As we’re issuing either a $50 USD or CAD Cash Card (depending on what country the winner resides in), only page views generated in the USA & Canada will be counted.  Only the first deal posted for a specific Costco Item Number will be accepted and published on this site – so the sooner you post the better. We’ll notify the winner via email on Christmas Day (12/25/17) and we’ll also update this article with the winner’s username on or after December 25th.  All posts and their associated activity (i.e. popularity points) will be tracked through midnight (PST) December 15th, 2017.  We reserve the right to end or cancel this contest at any time. As with the rest of this site, this contest is neither affiliated nor endorsed by Costco Wholesale Corporation.