If you’re a regular Costco shopper, you probably have gotten used to the rhythm of their seasonal merchandise rotation, usually featured in the center of the store.

Some may complain when they roll out Christmas wrapping paper in October August, but an equal number take comfort in the Costco circle of life…er, merchandise.

Here’s a breakdown of the typical Costco seasonal products and when you can expect them to hit the store and, more importantly, when they are most likely to go on clearance to make way for the next wave of products.

January incoming: 

  • Indoor furniture: Dining tables, couches/sofas & loveseats, chairs, end tables, kitchen islands
  • Exercise equipment:  free weights, treadmills, foam rollers & yoga mats
  • Luggage

January clearance: 

  • Last of the Christmas items (1st week of new year)
  • Turkeys and prime rib (first couple days after new year)
  • Large bottle wines (1.5 – 3 liter / double & triple magnum) and holiday wine gift sets
  • Cold weather clothing

February incoming:

  • Outdoor furniture: outdoor tables, fire pits, lounge chairs, umbrellas
  • Summer activities: grills, bbqs, paddle boards, boogie boards, beach towels, sunglasses, camping gear
  • Chinese New Year:  food & alcohol (1st week)
  • Lawn & garden care: fertilizer, potting soil, planters, fruit trees,

February clearance:

  • Exercise equipment & luggage (1st or 2nd week)
  • Indoor furniture (2nd or 3rd week)
  • Chinese New Year (2nd or 3rd week)
  • Last of the large bottle wines and holiday wine gift sets

March incoming:

  • More summer merchandise

March clearance:

  • Kitchen utensils, serveware, stoneware, & accessories
  • Televisions – LCD & OLED

April incoming:

  • Easter dresses, decorations, & candy
  • Kosher foods

April clearance:

  • Outdoor lawn & garden care items, outdoor lights, outdoor accessories
  • Easter  items & kosher foods (2nd & 3rd week)

May incoming:

  • Still gathering data…

May clearance:

  • Summer clothing, swimwear, & footwear

June incoming:

  • Still gathering data…

June clearance:

  • Outdoor lawn & garden care items, outdoor lights, outdoor accessories, outdoor furniture
  • Summer clothing, swimwear, & footwear

July incoming:

  • Home furniture & lighting (tables, chairs, lamps, sofas, loveseats, rugs)

July clearance:

  • Summer clothing, BBQ sauces, MLB baseball tickets

August incoming:

  • Back to school items: back packs, insulated lunch bags, notebooks, pencils, paper, etc.
  • Wrapping paper & ribbons that look suspiciously like Christmas items in stealth mode

August clearance:

  • Home furniture & lighting
  • Summer activity items

September incoming:

  • Halloween costumes, decor, and candy in late September and we’ve even seen artificial Christmas trees in late Sept

September clearance:

  • Back to school items and home furniture & lighting

October incoming:

  • Christmas wrapping paper, ribbons, scissors, tape, artificial Christmas trees
  • Cold weather clothing (hats, gloves, mittens, jackets, undergarments)

October clearance:

  • Halloween costumes, decorations, and Halloween candy
  • Appliances: Stoves, microwaves, washers, dryers, ovens

November incoming:

  • Holiday decor: lights, yard decorations, centerpieces, candles
  • Real Christmas trees
  • Holiday gifts, toys, gift baskets, gift boxes
  • Throws & blankets

November clearance:

  • Some holiday decor and toys already going on clearance in mid November

December incoming:

  • Last of the Christmas decor and gift baskets – usually during the early part of the month
  • Large bottle (1.5 – 3 liter / double & triple magnum) wines & gift sets

December clearance:

  • Holiday decor, wrapping paper, ribbon, holiday gift items, gift baskets, gift boxes, hot cocoa, toys, throws & blankets