Costco97 is your ultimate destination for Costco savings. 

We offer an inside look at how to find the best Costco deals so you can get the biggest bang for your buck. From shopping advice to coupons to product reviews, our community is here to make your membership worthwhile.

The foundation of our site is highlighting Costco’s .97 deals, which are hidden, exclusive clearance items. These sales can be identified by their $x.97 price tags and vary store-by-store. We built a community that shares their latest .97 sale finds across stores all over the world, so you can search and follow for insights into your local Costco. 

We are not affiliated with Costco corporate nor are we endorsed or sponsored by them. However, we’re pretty sure Costco is aware of our site and is cool with how we assist shoppers in uncovering incredible savings, online deals, and more. Together, we make shopping at Costco even more rewarding!

Costco97 Origins

Costco97 officially launched in 2016 to help Costco members find hidden deals and learn how to be savvy shoppers. Thanks to our supportive community, Costco members everywhere began posting their local clearance finds to help raise awareness. Now, we not only have our .97 Deals by Location, but also community forums, a weekly newsletter, and an active blog where you can find all of our other Costco-related content. We strive to connect “Costcoholics” and help everyone shop smarter. 

Editorial Process

Every editor and writer at Costco97 understands the importance of trustworthy journalism and we pride ourselves on our content. Costco97 articles are always original and powered by our experiences. 

We source our facts from reputable publications including other websites, blogs, magazines, and newspapers that have demonstrated accuracy and responsibility in their work. Oftentimes, this includes the Costco website itself. We will always provide credit to Costco and share their resources since we do not sell or sponsor their products. We give you our honest recommendations, coupons, and sale records, but the rest is up to you as the customer. 

Lastly, all content is reviewed thoroughly by our editorial staff before publishing. If a post is published and a correction is needed, an editor will fix and update the post accordingly. We want to deliver the best, most accurate content possible. So whether you have feedback or want to point out any editorial errors accidentally made by the team, please contact us here.

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Costco97 Team

The Costco team is made up of professional writers and editors who love what they cover. Each writer comes to the table with professional writing experience and an engaging point of view. Not to mention, every writer at Costco97 has a strong personal interest in saving on groceries, home decor, and more!

Meet the team:

Jeff Shenk – Founder and Managing Editor 

As the voice behind Costco97, Jeff Shenk is a major contributor to finding .97 deals and sharing his Costco shopping tips. Jeff is the founder, managing editor, and Chief Culprit behind Costco97. He has expertise in writing, editing, email marketing, business development, operations management… and all things Costco.

Jeff graduated from UC Davis with a degree in English Literature and survived a short stint teaching high school English in California. Since then, his “day job” has been as a partner in a loyalty marketing company in the SF Bay Area.

When not spending his free time at one of Costco’s twenty Bay Area locations, you can find him playing in two roller hockey leagues or catching up on Gold Rush episodes.

Nikole Stewart – Editor

Nikole Stewart is a writer and editor with three years of experience writing keen articles on topics such as pop culture and technology. She graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in English Literature and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. Her portfolio of work is expansive and includes publications such as Game Rant and The New Feminist. She currently writes listicles and guides for several publications such as SnipDaily, Costco97, and Nerdable. When she’s not reading or writing creatively, she’s baking or playing video games in her free time.

Lexi Wyckoff – Editor

Alexandria is a Costco97 editor and reader of all things literature. She graduated from the State University of New York at Oswego with a degree in Creative Writing. She now writes listicles, reviews, and other pieces for websites such as SNIPDaily, Costco97, and Nerdable, among others. With a background writing for Her Campus at Oswego and editing fiction works for The Great Lake Review, she enjoys using language in all aspects of her life. She has gotten several of her creative works published in literary magazines such as Gandy Dancer and Planisphere Q and has a poetry chapbook titled The Pain Cycle coming out in early 2024. When not working, you can find her sipping on mint tea and reading a book on the porch.

Costco97 Users

At Costco97, we couldn’t run without our community of “Costcoholics.” When you contribute to our site via the “Post a Deal” feature or participate in a Costco97 forum, you become a part of our community. Whether you choose to be anonymous or not, you are our Costco97 users who keep the site going. 

You’ll see “Anonymous97” listed as the author when a user posts a .97 sale item anonymously. These products are vetted through the Costco price tag and listed under the specific store location. 

Otherwise, Costco97 users who are comfortable sharing their names will be displayed as themselves on the site. Once you’re a site user, you can log in and submit .97 sales, which will ensure everything registers under your name. This is totally up to you, but regardless, we want to hear from you and see which products you find on sale. 

Costco97’s Future

Costco97 will continue to share many ways to save at Costco and the best products to keep an eye out for. We are here for pop-up .97 sales and savvy shopping experiences. Whether you’re a new member or have been part of Costco’s wholesale locations, you will never miss out on an opportunity to save.