At Costco97, our goal is to explore local .97 Costco deals, savvy shopping advice, and all other Costco-related hacks. We’ve created a community of “Costcoholics” to share in-store sales and extra ways to save. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help you navigate and make the most of our site. 

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Why the Name Costco97?

Easy! It all started from seeing in-store $x.97 sales, which we wanted to share among Costco members who might be shopping at the same stores. As a brand, we’re obsessed with Costco and finding hidden deals. Combine the two things we love the most, and you get Costco97! 

We’re passionate about our community, so we hope you join us to spread the word about Costco’s secret price codes and membership benefits.

What Are $x.97 Deals?

97 is our lucky number, and it should be yours too! Products with price tags ending in $x.97 are special, limited-time deals created by the local Costco store managers at their discretion. These items are not advertised outside of their price tags and only last until the stock runs out. 

For Costco members who want to become savvy shoppers, learning the codes on price tags is a huge way to save. And for us, 97 is the number that started it all! 

Are There Any $x.97 Deals in My Area? 

We have shoppers all over the U.S. from Alabama to Washington who share their local .97 deals. Double-check the Costco near you for a glimpse at the current .97 markdowns in your area.

I Found an Item Marked $x.97—How Can I Share It? 

Great find! Let’s show off your local .97 deal to your fellow shoppers by posting it here. This will allow you to submit a photo of the product and share information about its price, the store location, and more. You can provide as much information as you want or keep it simple. We take both personal profiles and anonymous submissions, so the choice is up to you. 

How Do I Know These $x.97 Deals Are Happening?

There’s no set day or time when these deals can happen. Plus, these .97 sales are only available in-store, so be sure to check the deals by location page for new postings. When perusing your local Costco, keep a sharp eye out for the price tags. These deals are only available for a limited time, so it’s up to you as shoppers to find the deals and share them before it’s too late. 

What Other Deals Does Costco Have Besides $x.97? 

While we all love the surprise .97 markdowns, Costco has an array of deals that you can find in-house and online. From more secret price codes to advertised clearance items, Costco is home to all types of savings. 

As a Costco member, it’s important to decipher the price tags to discover what is really on sale. For example, our blog post uncovers Costco hacks and elaborates on each price code’s meaning. 

If you’re looking for a more reliable way to save, Costco offers a Coupon Book each month that hand-picks items with big discounts. We at Costco97 keep track of the best coupon book discounts and share them monthly. 

How Can I Stay in the Loop?  

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Our regular email notifications help you stay updated on online deals, engage in our vibrant community forum, and never out on the excitement of Markdown Mondays and the latest coupon book offerings. 

We will never share your email with anyone and you can unsubscribe at any time, however, you’d then miss these amazing deals! 

Can I Buy These Products on Your Site?

No, our site does not sell Costco products. We recommend, review, and find the best products Costco has to offer. However, to test them out for yourself, you have to visit your local Costco or Costco online. 

When relevant, we may include affiliate links to other reputable retailers and earn a small commission.

Are You Affiliated with Costco?

We are not affiliated with Costco corporate nor are we endorsed or sponsored by them. However, we’re pretty sure Costco is aware of our site and is cool with how we assist shoppers in uncovering incredible Costco97 deals, clearance savings, online deals, and more. 

What Are Some More Resources to Help Me Save? 

Want more ways to help save when you shop at Costco? Check out these great resources to keep you on budget!

  • Monthly Coupon Books: Keep track of the latest monthly discounts. From everyday necessities like laundry detergent to furniture upgrades like mattresses, Costco provides extra ways to save for the entire month. 
  • Utilize Costco’s Membership Benefits: Learn how to properly use your Costco membership to get the most out of it. Take advantage of discounted pet insurance or auto care to save even more. 
  • Clearance Calendar: Check our 365-day Costco markdown schedule, so you know which items tend to go on clearance throughout the year.
  • Using Food Stamps: With the rise of grocery prices, it’s important to know your options. Learn how Costco works with food stamps and EBT cards. 
  • Getting Costco to Pay You to be a Member: If you spend a certain amount each month at Costco, there’s a way to earn enough money in rewards to pay for your membership fees. 
  • Share a Deal: If you’ve found a clearance item at your local Costco, please share it with us! Your Costco neighbors will be super grateful.
  • Follow us on Instagram: We run giveaways and sometimes share special content only on Instagram. Plus the pictures are prettier.

Share Your $x.97 Deals

Costco97 thrives on your contributions. We encourage you to share a $x.97 deal from your local Costco or leave comments on existing deals you find. By commenting or posting just one deal, you can help enhance our amazing site, providing a plethora of local deals for everyone to enjoy.