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First things first: What the heck is a $x.97?!

Costco97 deals are hidden gems at Costco! Products with prices ending in .97 are on clearance, and likely won’t be sold again. These exclusive deals are not advertised and availability varies by store and region. (Learn more Costco shopping hacks.)

So how do we know about these “secret” deals? Costco shoppers like you from around the country share them here.  It’s easy to post a new deal  and doing so would greatly help other shoppers near you. You could also be a huge help by commenting on deals with the store location at which you’ve also found it.

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Frequent Question: Can I buy these products on your site?

In short, no. Think of this site like SlickDeals, but only for Costco. This is a place where people find the great clearance deals found at Costco shared by other people, but they cannot be purchased here.

You could also reach out to people in the comments to see if they’d be willing to help you out – but we don’t promote or condone the practice as these are basically Internet strangers. 😁 Caveat emptor!

Sharing is Caring

Costco97 thrives on your contributions, dear Costco enthusiasts! We encourage you to share a $x.97 deal from your local Costco or leave comments on existing deals you find.

Even just one deal per year enhances our amazing site, providing a plethora of local deals for everyone to enjoy.

Your loyalty and generosity as devoted Costco shoppers are what make this community and its wealth of Costco97 deals, clearance savings, online deals, community forum, Markdown Mondays, and coupon book possible. Join us in shaping the ultimate shopping resource. You can read more about the Costco97 community on our Blog.97 as well!

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