You’re probably wondering what’s the big deal with the number 97.

Is it our lucky number? Sorta – but no.

Is it how awesome Costco is on a scale of 1 to 10?  Actually they are that awesome, but still not the reason we like it.

Are we big Jeremy Roenick fans?  Um, nope.

We are in love love love with the number 97 because that is the magic number that means CLEARANCE deal on Costco items.  You see, any item at Costco priced at $x.97 is on clearance and is priced (usually) way below their already low price.  I say “usually” because every once in a while it’s not a great deal; it may just be a dollar or two off the regular price.  So it pays to know what regular price is to know if you’re getting a truly great deal. If you want confirmation, just ask an employee to look up the regular price.  Sometimes you can still find it on for regular price – and sometimes it’s a $.97 there too!

If you’re interested in learning more pricing secrets, check out our blog post “Hacking Costco: Decoding Their Price Tags“.

97 Price Tag