Costco’s Crown Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup has been described by some as “maple flavored crack”…

We just call it freaking delicious!

Those needing their next fix are in luck because it’s back in stock at Costco. On sale for just $11.59 for a 25 oz bottle, it’s an amazing deal!

This syrup is made by aging USDA organic maple syrup in Widow Jane 10-year Bourbon Barrels.

Here are 10 Tasty non-Traditional Ways to use this delicious and unique maple syrup to add a sweet & slightly smoky flavor to your recipes that may surprise you…

  1. Use it to sweeten cocktails – such as an old fashioned
  2. Use it in a BBQ glaze
  3. Baste a cedar plank salmon with it 
  4. Use it as Coffee sweetener 
  5. Vanilla ice cream topping
  6. Plain yogurt with fruit topping
  7. Add to any marinade that calls for a sweetener
  8. Add to vinaigrettes
  9. Add to remoulades & mustards
  10. Add to salsas (yes, really!)

Of course it’s also awesome on pancakes, waffles, & french toast… but you knew that already.