Do you wake up with back or neck aches? It might be time to swap to a new pillow. Having the proper support with the best Costco pillows can turn your sleepless nights into a paradise. There are a variety of brands that offer plenty of options for all sleepers, like side or belly sleepers. 

Whether you need a cooler pillow to help keep you dry or want something firm for proper support, Costco has you covered. These are the best Costco pillows that you can purchase either online or in-store to pair with your mattress for uninterrupted sleep.   

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Factors of a Good Pillow

Factors Best Costco Pillows, Deposit Photos
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But before we dive into the best Costco pillows, let’s find out what exactly makes a pillow good. While this does differ for every sleeper, especially since there are so many different sleeping styles, there are still basic elements to consider. 

Shape and SizePillow shape and size will determine if a pillow is good or not. Most pillows are rectangular and sized according to the mattress from twin, queen, or king. But other shapes such as neck pillows with rounded corners can contour to your body a bit better and give you support from your neck to your hips. 

The size can also help with support. Depending on your sleep style, you might want a pillow that has some height to protect your neck and provide more surface area for various sleeping positions.

Pillow Fill

The fill of your pillow is the next factor. Some of the best Costco pillows go for memory foam or gel, but why is that? Different materials can influence how well the body regulates temperature while sleeping, but other fills could help with allergies or sensitivities. 

Pillows filled with feathers come from ducks, geese, or other birds are common. The feathers help keep the pillows fluffy and cool but can be uncomfortable when the feathers start poking out. Polyester is another common filler which is similar to cotton. It’s soft but can aggravate allergies for some.

Pillows that use memory foam are designed to cradle the head and accommodate a person’s movements throughout the night to conform to their body shape. This helps keep support without flattening, but it’s harder to stay cool with the dense material. 

Gel pillows are similar to memory foam because they offer a combination of memory foam and latex. It’s made for maximum support and comfort while still breathable with temperature regulation to prevent you from overheating. Overall, gel-filled pillows are one of the better choices for someone who wants to try something new. 

When Should You Change Your Pillow?

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Ideally, you’ll want to change your pillows every year. That might seem like a short timespan but unless you want restless and painful nights, it’s best to keep up with changing out your pillows. There are a few key signs that can help you figure out when it’s time to change out your pillow. 

When your pillow is flat or lumpy and is hard to fluff up, that’s a telltale sign that it’s time for a new one. Along with sneezing, itchiness, or dry eyes, that could mean that your pillows are accumulating dust mites that trigger allergies. 

The main sign that many receive when it’s time to change out your pillow is pain. Whether it’s your head, neck, or even back, any pain is a big sign to make the swap. The lack of support through the night can mess with your spine, especially your alignment. With a head weighing around 11 pounds, it’s easy for a pillow to wear down in just a year or two. 

Best Pillow for Every Sleeper

But which pillow should you go for? There are studies that help specific sleepers find the right style of pillow. 

Back sleepers should find something that helps support the natural curve of your neck for optimal support and comfort. For instance, orthopedic pillows are a great choice as it’s more supportive, yet not as firm to form to your natural shape, and are far superior to memory foam or feather.

Side sleepers need some more support, which means more height and firmness. This makes sturdy pillows like rubber pillows a great option, especially over soft and fluffy pillows filled with feathers.

Stomach sleepers need something thinner so there’s not too much stress on their spine. That’s why specialists recommend low-loft pillows that still have some support to help with neck and spine alignment while staying cool. 

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8 Best Costco Pillows

8. Allied Home White Goose Down

Credit: Costco

Allied Home is highly reviewed at Costco and can be purchased online. The 2-pack of pillows is made with Hypoallergenic Memory Fill Fiber with medium support for long-lasting comfort and uninterrupted sleep. It’s breathable, water resistant, and blocks allergens throughout the night. They come in three sizes: Standard, Queen, or King. 

7. TheraLuxe by Therapedic Triple Cooling 

Credit: Costco

One of the best Costco pillows available is the TheraLuxe pillow, highly reviewed and available online. It comes in both a King and Jumbo size for those who need extra room. It has three layers of cooling technology for ultimate comfort and medium support for all sleep positions. With a 300 threat count for temperature regulation, this is the perfect pillow for hot sleepers who need a way to cool off. 

6. Sealy Sterling Collection

Credit: Costco

One of the best Costco pillows is the Sealy Sterling Collection which can be purchased in-store. The pillow has a 400 threat count and a cotton cover for a luxurious, comforting feel. The fabric keeps you cool and dry throughout the night. It’s also made with hypoallergenic material and a medium feel to work with any sleep type, whether you’re a belly or side sleeper. 

5. Serenity by Tempur-Pedic

Credit: Costco

Tempur-Pedic is one of the biggest brands when it comes to bedding. Their mattresses and pillows are highly trusted and beloved by customers. Their Serenity pillow is one of the best Costco pillows with excellent reviews online. It has personalized comfort and pressure relief to help with back and neck pains. The cover is made for breathability and the feel is stiff yet flexible — perfect for moderate support. 

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4. Brentwood Home Wedge

Credit: Costco

Brentwood’s products are a staple at Costco, and their focus revolves around support. Customers with back problems rave about this product. It reduces pressure points when lying down thanks to its study wedge shape. It has extra firm support to keep your head and neck stable throughout the night. Thanks to its triangular shape, it’s perfect for several relaxing positions like propping up in bed while reading, or elevating your legs to promote circulation. 

3. Sealy PosturePedic Cooling Gel Foam

Credit: Costco

Sealy is a popular name when it comes to bedroom essentials. From mattresses to pillows, customers can’t get enough of their comfortable products. One such item is their Cooling Gel Foam pillow. The gel layer helps keep the pillow cool for a soothing night’s sleep, and the memory foam adapts to your head and neck for the best support.  

2. Comfort Revolution Blue Bubble Gel

Credit: Costco

Comfort Revolution has a couple of products on Costco’s website, however, the most beloved by customers is the Blue Bubble Gel Memory Foam. It has a mesh cover with gel layers for the ultimate breathable pillow that stays cool all night. Thanks to its removable cover, you can easily clean the pillow for longevity. And with its amazing gel memory foam, it’s made for consistent support and restorative relief. You can purchase this online in three different sizes: Standard, Queen, or King. 

1. Novaform ComfortGrande Gel Memory Foam

Credit: Costco

Last, but not least, the best Costco pillow we could find is the Novaform ComfortGrande Gel Memory Foam. Along with their mattresses, the pillow comes highly recommended and is available for purchase online. The cooling gel memory foam helps for a comfortable night’s sleep — plus, it’s machine washable for easy cleaning. It aligns and supports your head and neck with its premium gel memory foam. It even provides pressure relief for aches and pains. Look for this pillow in a Queen size which is perfect for a standard pillowcase size. 

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