Having a freshly trimmed lawn that you can display to all the neighbors is only possible with top-notch lawn equipment. If you are looking to upgrade your lawn, try some of these affordable and high-quality Costco lawn equipment options including battery-powered mowers, trimmers, and blowers. These highly-rated products feature over 3.5-star ratings and have significant reviews to bolster your confidence in buying the right equipment. 

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Costco Lawn Mowers

1. Greenworks Gen 2 Self-Propelled Mower

Costco lawn equipment: Greenworks Self-propelled mower

The highest-rated mower in Costco’s fleet is the Greenworks Gen 2 Mower with 4.5 stars. With 65 minutes of run time, you can get up to ¾ of an acre mowing on a single charge. Along with the mower, you receive two batteries, a rapid charger, and two blades. Customers who were hesitant to try an electric mower were pleasantly surprised by the power of the mower and its ability to chop through wet grass. 

2. Greenworks Crossover Zero Turn with Bagger

Greenworks Crossover Zero Turn

Even if you have a bigger lawn, Costco has you covered with their Greenworks Crossover Zero Turn Mower. We recommend the 42-inch deck size as it mows your lawn quickest. With a high-back padded seat and LCD screen, you’ve never been so comfortable doing yard work. Along with the mower, there are twelve batteries, three dual port rapid chargers, and a bagger attachment. Quick charging allows customers to mow for hours without stopping, tackling even the biggest lawns. 

3. Yardforce Self-Propelled Mower

Costco lawn equipment: Yardforce self-propelled mower

Another main lawncare brand at Costco is Yardforce and their highest-rated mower is the 60V Self-Propelled Mower. The mower has rear-wheel drive for more control over uneven lawns. In addition to the mower, this product comes with a mulch kit, a discharge kit, and a grass bag kit. Customers like that they can adjust the handle height and use the self-propelling feature to move this mower uphill.  

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Costco Trimmers

4. Greenworks Gen 2 Brushless Edger

Greenworks Gen 2 Brushless Edger

If you have several pathways or concrete pads on your property, a great way to maintain your grass is with trimmers or edgers, like this Greenworks Brushless Edger. With the eight-inch blade and guide wheel, you can get perfect lines no matter where you trim. Customers enjoy the compatibility with other Greenworks 80V batteries and that they can cut through the thick grass. 

5. Greenworks Gen 3 Brushless String Trimmer

Costco lawn equipment: Greenworks Gen 3 Brushless String trimmer

Also known as a weed whacker, the Greenworks String Trimmer has 4.2 stars on Costco.com and will help keep your lawn looking sharp, even in places where your mower can’t fit. Each trimmer comes with an exo-flex strap and 15 spools of precut line — plus, you can cut at two different speeds. The best part about this trimmer? It’s lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about any back pain while getting the job done. 

6. Yardforce Line Trimmer

Yardforce line trimmer

If you’re partial to Yardforce, they also provide a lawn trimmer through Costco. The trimmer comes with a five-year warranty, battery, and charger. The battery provides up to 60 minutes of use on a single charge with three different cutting speeds. Customers enjoy the easy set-up and power of the trimmer, so they can immediately get to work on their lawn

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7. Greenworks Gen 2 Polesaw & Pole Hedge Combo

Greenworks Gen 2 Polesaw and Polehedge combo

Our final Costco trimmer does not trim grass, but rather, thick hedges. The Greenworks Polesaw and Pole Hedge combo can keep your foliage looking neat and presentable. With a 20-inch dual-action blade and a 10-inch bar and chain, you can run the machine for 55 minutes in one use. 

Costco Blowers

8. Yardforce Blower

Costco lawn equipment: Yardforce blower

Pesky leaves getting on your lawn or driveway? With the Yardforce Blower, you can easily remove any debris. The blower comes with a battery, charger, nozzle attachments, and a five-year warranty. With 4.3 stars on Costco.com, users enjoy the lightweight feel and easy setup. 

9. Greenworks Gen 3 Brushless Blower

Costco lawn equipment: Greenworks Gen 3 Brushless blower

Greenworks also provides a Costco blower option, which has 3.9 stars. Along with the blower, you will get the exo-flex strap, snap-on nozzle, battery, and charger. The blower comes equipped with quietforce technology for less noise and more power, which everyone in your neighborhood will appreciate. Plus, you can work outside for up to 60 minutes depending on the power setting you use. 

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Maintaining a healthy-looking lawn can be hard work if you don’t have the right tools. With a Costco membership, you can have access to tons of Costco lawn equipment that will keep your lawn presentable and clean. Not only will your yard look great, but by using these tools, you can also be more efficient and cut down on yard work time. Who wouldn’t want that?