Flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it’s a holiday or a time to celebrate someone in your life. But flowers tend to be a bit expensive, especially when you are shopping for pre-made bouquets. Thankfully, Costco flowers allow you to spoil that special someone without thinning the wallet.

Costco is all about selling items in bulk for less, and surprisingly, they’ve managed to do this with flowers as well. If you want to keep track of more Costco news, then follow along with Costco97 as we show off the best-hidden deals, like in-store .97 sales, and more tricks to save.

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Does Costco Deliver Flowers?

Yes! Depending on your delivery location, Costco will deliver flowers. You can pick pre-made bouquets to be delivered on the same day as long as your zip code participates in the “Same-Day” program powered by Instacart.

Buying Costco Flowers

Costco has a lot of options when it comes to gifts, but their flower section is one to beat. You can pick from pre-made arrangements to save time, or you can buy their flowers in bulk and make your own bouquet. Check out all buying options for Costco flowers below.

Costco Flower Delivery

Costco Delivery Flowers, Credit: Costco
Credit: Costco

Costco provides both next-business-day delivery and same-day delivery but your location will determine if you qualify. Their same-day delivery is more limited. For example, in Missouri near me, they are offering a 2-dozen premium rose bouquet as well as a premium floral bouquet of assorted flowers. This offer and the delivery range may differ for others in different locations throughout the U.S.

Their next-day delivery has several other options that range from 50-stem roses in various shades, to colorful floral arrangements including wildflowers. Whatever you need, Costco has the arrangement to make your partner smile.

Costco Roses

Costco roses

Roses are one of the most common Costco flowers. If you want to surprise your loved ones, roses are the way to go.

They are incredibly versatile in arrangements, and both the colors and aroma will pop in any setting. Costco is offering several rose arrangements, from a classic rose arrangement to a yellow rose and sunflower combination.

Vase Arrangements

Costco flowers vase arrangements

If roses are a bit cliche, don’t be afraid to look at some of Costco’s vase arrangements. These arrangements not only have a beautiful pop of color, but they also come in a vase ready to be presented to a loved one. This is the perfect present because the flowers are already nestled in their vase, ready to preserve the memories for a few days to a week.

Floral Centerpieces

Costco doesn’t stop at simple bouquets and vase arrangements for your home. They also specialize in creating centerpieces for a splash of color and aroma in any setting. They have rose centerpieces for intimate settings and even large basket arrangements, perfect for spring. 

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Special Occasions and Holidays

Celebrate special occasions and holidays by purchasing Costco flowers! Special bouquets can be purchased for birthdays, anniversaries, or “Get Well” flowers. But that’s not all, Costco arranges unique and specialized bouquets for holidays. For instance, this March, you can purchase Easter arrangements from the Easter Egg Stravaganza to a simple Easter Tulip Rainbow arrangement. 

Wedding Flowers

Make the big day even better with discounted rates on wedding flowers to decorate the tables and venues. From a 10-count Mountain Bouquet set to packs of fresh garland and runners, Costco will make sure your day is a special one. 

Sympathy Flowers 

Along with wedding flowers, Costco has Sympathy flowers to show someone you are thinking about them. This category features roses and a variety of flower arrangements like the White Garden arrangement and Day Dream.

Bulk Flowers From Costco

Costco Bulk Flowers, Credit Costco
Credit: Costco

But what does Costco do best? Bulk items!  Purchase multiple bouquets in one go or shop for a large amount of flowers to create your own bouquet.

Put your creative spin on the bouquets to make shopping easier. From 9-mini bouquets to 100 stems of Carnations or Baby’s Breath, create the centerpiece of your dreams. Costco also sells rose petals in bulk to help make any day memorable.

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How Much Are Costco Flowers?

Costco flower pricing depends on where you shop and the flowers you pick. While Costco works on keeping prices as low as possible, Costco flowers are not always on sale and the price range is wider than many other products. In-store flowers tend to be cheaper for those willing to make a trip. Online Costco flowers, especially around the holidays, will be priced a bit higher.


costco flowers in-store

While the flower arrangements and prices will vary from store to store, in-store flowers will almost always be less than the inventory shown online. For example, a Deluxe Garden Bunch provides a collection of stemmed flowers for only $9.99. Pre-made bouquets are priced around $16.99 and roses come in a 24-count for $18.99. Compared to the selection online, you could save up to $40 by traveling to your local Costco.

As for vase arrangements, they are not only stunning but also affordable with the featured price of $24.99. This is certainly worth the deal given you get a pre-made arrangement and a vase that your loved one can keep.


forever roses, costco

For bulk flowers, you’re looking at online prices around $50-70 for stemmed flowers and $100 for multiple mini bouquets. A simple bouquet arrangement with a variety of colorful flowers will be between $40 and $60. Vase arrangements cost about the same as a simple bouquet, just a tad pricier for the added vase, sitting around $50-$70.

However, for roses, you’ll have to spend a bit more. Roses are incredibly sought-after and are a symbol of romance, so for a simple bouquet of 50 roses, you’ll spend around $70 when purchasing them online. Don’t forget to check out Costco’s Forever Roses which cost around $130 year-round in various colors but are said to last up to a year with the proper care. 

Visit the Costco online page here to order holiday-themed flowers.

Can You Buy Costco Flowers Without a Membership?

Like many products at Costco, you usually have to be a member to get access to their products and affordable prices. If you are given a Costco Cash Card by another member, you can use this to take advantage of their flower deals in person. Otherwise, most locations only let you enter a Costco without a membership for pharmacy needs or special services. If you want to know if your local Costco allows you to enter without a membership, give them a call!

For online shoppers, you can purchase Costco flowers and other available products, but you will need to pay a 5% non-member surcharge. Additionally, if your location qualifies you to shop for Costco same-day delivery via Instacart, then you can purchase Costco flowers this way. If you want to learn more about Costco memberships and prices, check here for all the details.

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