It’s easy to forget about keeping your household essentials stocked up. One week you have enough paper towels to last a month, and the next thing you know you’re all out. Buying in bulk is one of the best ways to ensure you’re never low on a product. Household items are essential for your family and one of the easiest things to run out of. 

From paper towels to sanitary wipes, Costco boasts about its amazing bulk savings and sales, but are they really cheaper than the other discount retailers? Let’s dive into which household Costco items are consistently cheaper than the rest of the retailers out there. The prices listed below are the current prices at the time of publication and will vary with time. 

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Laundry Detergent

Buying laundry detergent in bulk is a must, especially for larger families. Don’t make the mistake of starting your laundry day with little to no detergent left in your home, purchase from Costco to stock up. Whether you prefer liquid or pods, Costco has a wide selection at consistently great prices. 

Focusing on Tide Pods Ultra Oxi, Costco has a package of 104 pods for a great price of $29. However, looking at another retail store, Walmart, you’ll have to pay around $27.24 for an 85-count package of the same pods. 

Toilet Paper

Kirkland Signature Premium Bath Tissue - 1725952

Toilet paper is another household Costco item that is a must to stock up on. There are so many reasons to keep extras around the house. And don’t worry, Costco has some of the best toilet paper brands so you don’t have to skimp on quality. 

For a 30-pack of Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper, you’ll spend around $29.99. The same package and size at Walmart will cost you closer to $32.98. For BJ’s shoppers, you’ll have to spend a bit more as well, as their retail price for the same size and type is $31.79. It might not seem like a huge difference, but those dollars add up. 

Paper Towels

Bounty Advanced, Top Household Costco Items, Costco

Make sure you have enough paper towels to clean any spills or messes for months. This household item can go by fast without realizing you’re low on stock. Purchase them from Costco as they’re consistently lower than most other retailers. 

For a 12-pack of Advanced Bounty paper towels at Costco, it’ll cost $24.49, which is a great price at around $2 a roll. At Walmart, however, the same style and size is $46.98, double the cost at Costco. BJs might not have the same style, but a 12-pack of regular Bounty paper towels is around $31.79

Canned Goods

best costco snacks, credit:

While not technically a household item, canned goods are still household essentials. With how expensive groceries are anymore, it’s important to stock up on easy, non-perishable goods to make the weeknights a bit easier. Whether you need some canned soups to prepare for fevers, or canned beans for the perfect side dish, Costco has consistently lower prices. 

Focusing on canned soups, Costco has a 12-pack of 10.75oz Campbell’s Chicken Noodle for $14.99. Get the same package from Amazon for $17 or from Walmart for $15

Plastic Storage Bags

Ziploc Bags, Top Household Costco Items, Costco

Storage bags are a must for big families, especially those with kids. From packing lunches to keeping toys organized, you can go through a lot of storage bags without realizing it. 

Comparing the price of sandwich bags, let’s first look at Costco, which has a box of 580 Ziploc bags for only $16.99. Walmart has a 300-count box for $11.34, but to catch up to the size of Costco, you’d have to spend around $21.92 to get the full 580-count. 

Dish Soap

Dawn Dishsoap, Top Household Costco Items, Costco

A must-have around the house is Dawn dish soap. Who wants to wait to clean the dishes when you can just do them right there? For those with a big household that can’t hold off on cleaning the kitchen after a meal, this is one household Costco item that you should always grab.

Costco consistently has this item at a lower price compared to other retailers. For instance, a 90oz container of Dawn’s Platinum Power soap is $14.49. At Walmart, you can grab a 54.8oz for $9.54, which is half the soap but not half the price at Costco. Amazon carries a 2-pack of the 56oz dish soap but it’s $15.48. Tag on time for delivery and cost, and it’s just worth going to Costco for


Energizer-Rechargeable-Charger-Kit-1812345-Hoover, AL

An essential household item that you might not remember often, but is crucial for when you do need them, are batteries. These come in handy during select moments and are a real bummer if you don’t have any around. 

Costco has a 40-count of Duracell AAA batteries for $20.99, which is exceptionally better than Walmart which has a pack of 24 for $25.99. This is one household item that Costco consistently has at a lower price. 

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Kitchen Knives

Need a new set of knives for the kitchen? This is a kitchen and household essential that you might overlook for too long. Thankfully, Walmart and Amazon are not the only places that can help you save on this crucial item. 

For a 10-piece set of Skandia Constract knives at Costco, it’ll cost around $58.99, while Walmart has a 10-piece Ninja set for almost double, sitting at $119. Amazon has several amazing products, but they sit at around $110 for a Henckels 10-piece set

Trash Bags

Trash bags, Top Household Costco Items, Costco

Trash bags are an easy household essential that you might forget to restock, but they are one item that can easily be bought in bulk at this popular wholesaler. While we can’t compare the same brand here, we can look at just an average, overall cost. For Costco, their 13-gallon 200-count of Kirkland Signature trash bags are about $19.99. 

Walmart’s great value brand for the same gallon size, 120-count trash bags is $18.37, and unfortunately, the biggest box you can find. As for Amazon’s brand of 13-gallon, 120-count bags, you’re looking at $17.64. 



Don’t skimp on great hair care for the family. Keeping a few bottles underneath the cabinet is the perfect way to prevent a quick grocery run one random evening. Purchasing this shampoo and conditioner set at Costco can not only save you money in the future but also ease your worry about keeping your family’s hair healthy.

Kristen Ess’ 28oz shampoo and conditioner set is only $36.99 at Costco, a staggering price compared to Walmart which is practically double, sitting at $53.97.

Sanitary Wipes


Keep your family healthy and the house clean with a stockpile of sanitary wipes. Lysol wipes are just one of the many brands that help kill bacteria so you never have to stress about a potential flu or unclean space. 

Thanks to Costco’s amazing discount items, you can purchase a 4-pack for only $13.99. Comparing this price to the popular discount store Walmart, you’re looking at spending $12.99 for only a 3-pack.

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These are Costco’s affordable fixed prices, but they’re often on clearance too. If you want to learn more about how to become a savvy Costco shopper, then join us as we find the best deals, like the hidden .97 deals