Providing great bargains for families is something Costco excels in, especially for families welcoming a newborn into the mix. Diapers and other baby items can add up quickly, but Costco provides both quality and quantity for a decent price. If you’re expecting and need to stock up on the essentials, make sure to check out Costco baby items for newborns so you can be ready to bring your child home. 

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Kirkland Signature ProCare with Dual HMOs, Non-GMO Infant Formula

Costco baby items

Kirkland Signature ProCare is a perfect formula for those newborns who have frequent upset stomachs. In addition to no artificial growth hormones, the ProCare contains HMOs for immune support and digestive health, and DHA to support brain development. Customers love this formula because of its ability to lessen upset stomachs.

Similac360 Total Care Ready-to-Feed Infant Formula

Similac formula

One of the more well-known baby formula brands, Similac is sold at Costco in both powder and liquid forms. This Similac 360 Total Care is in liquid form, with 24 eight-fluid-ounce bottles in each box. Similac supports brain development and digestive health and provides five HMOs in each bottle. Customers love being able to mix this with other formulas or breast milk to supplement their newborn. 

Enfamil NeuroPro Care Infant Formula

Costco baby items

If you haven’t heard of Similac, then maybe you were an Enfamil kid. Enfamil is another brand well-known for providing quick and easy formula to new parents, which you can find in the Costco baby items section. Enfamil NeuroPro comes in a 21-ounce container, with the formula being a milk-based powder. Customers enjoy the amount of nutrients that come in each serving. 

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Breastfeeding Necessities

Elvie Stride Plus Breast Pump with Carry Case

Elvie Stride breast pump

In addition to or instead of formula, many mothers choose to breastfeed. A pump becomes especially helpful when the baby is not hungry, and one of Costco’s top options is the Elvie Stride Plus. With hospital-grade performance, this pump is controlled by an app and is hands-free. The pump comes in a carrying case, making it easy to transport wherever you go. 

​Elvie Wearable Hands-free Electric Breast Pump Kit

Costco baby items

If you prefer a smaller and quieter option to pump, then the Elvie Wearable Electric Breast Pump Kit may be a great choice. The pump is controlled through your phone and includes three sizes of breast shields: 21mm, 24mm, and 28mm. The Elvie Pump also comes with a carry bag that can help keep breast milk cool with an ice pack. Customers enjoy the amount of accessories that come in this kit. 

V6CO Double Electric Breast Pump Kit

V60 breast pump

Having a baby means you’re constantly on the go, so sometimes trying to find your phone to pump isn’t useful. With the V6CO Double Electric Breast Pump, you can control the pump from a simple rechargeable LED touch screen. Customers enjoy how easy it is to set up and clean afterward.

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Costco Diapers

Huggies Little Snugglers Plus Baby Diapers Size Newborn

Costco baby items

One of the most important things other than baby formula is diapers. You need a seemingly endless supply of these, and there are many to choose from in the Costco baby items section. Huggies Little Snugglers are a great choice for newborns, with two-in-one skincare protection and 148 diapers per box. 

Kirkland Signature Diapers Sizes 1-2

Kirkland Signature diapers

If there’s anything you need to know about Costco baby items, it is their Kirkland Signature diapers. Customers love the low prices and quality of each diaper, so they can feel at ease when covering their baby’s bottom. Kirkland Signature Diapers are made with plant-based materials and are hypoallergenic. This particular box carries sizes 1-2. 

Huggies Plus Diapers Sizes 1-2

Huggies diapers

Huggies has many sizes of diapers, not just newborn diapers. Costco sells Huggies Plus Sizes 1-2 in boxes of 192 diapers, which are fragrance and lotion-free. The size one diaper fits babies 8-14 pounds, while the size two fits 12-18 pounds. Customers enjoy the thicker material that can be beneficial for nighttime changes. 

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Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes Fragrance-Free

Costco baby items

Wipes are just as useful as diapers for cleanup, and Kirkland Signature’s Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes can handle any job. Each box contains hypoallergenic 900 wipes, which contain no chlorine, alcohol, dyes, or parabins. They are made from natural ingredients, protecting both your baby and the environment. Customers love that these can be used around the house in addition to cleaning their baby. 

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Caramia Kids Carlie 3-piece Nursery Furniture Set

Caramia kids nursery set

Nursery furniture can be cumbersome, but Costco carries plenty of options in its Costco baby items section online. This Carlie three-piece set is from Caramia Kids and comes in a darker gray. The set comes with a 3-in-1 convertible crib (which can later turn into a double bed), a rail kit, a toddler rail, and a seven drawer double dresser. 

Child Craft Legacy Emerson Crib 5-piece Nursery Set

Costco baby items for newborns

If you would like a set that includes a changing tray, then Child Craft Legacy’s Emerson Nursery Set might be a great option. The set comes in a light gray and includes a 4-in-1 convertible crib (that can become a full-size bed), toddler rail, full-size bed rails, an assembled double dresser, and a changing tray. Customers enjoy the easy-to-assemble pieces and design of the nursery set.

Adrian 6-piece Nursery Collection

Costco baby items

Another nursery set option is the Adrian 6-piece Nursery Collection, which comes in gray or dark gray through Costco. Within the set are a convertible crib (which can transform into a full-size bed), toddler rail, full-size conversion rails, dresser, changing tray, and contour pad. Customers enjoy the sturdy material for each piece of the kit. 

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Graco4Ever Extend 2 Fit DLX 4-in-1 Car Seat

Graco4Ever Car Seat

Car seats are an absolute must for new parents, and having one that can grow with your child is even better. The Graco Extend 2 Fit Car Seat has a steel reinforced frame and six-position recline, with a simply safe harness system that has been extensively tested. With the adjustable settings, you can use this car seat from newborn all the way to a booster seat.

Owlet Dream Duo2 Smart Baby Monitor Bundle

Costco baby items

Making sure your baby is sleeping well and is safe in their crib keeps many mothers up at night. With the Owlet Dream Monitor, you can feel at ease. The Owlet sock is able to read a baby’s pulse rate, oxygen, wakings, and sleep trends through the Owlet Dream App, and can send alerts when anything is wrong. Along with the sock, Owlet also has a video camera and travel case to take everything with you.

VTech Smart Video Baby Monitor

VTech Video Monitor

If you’re looking for only a baby monitor, Costco has a great option. The VTech Smart Baby Monitor comes with a seven-inch color LCD screen and remote viewing on multiple devices. In addition to the screen and wide-angle lens, you can play up to nine different calming sounds and melodies to help your baby sleep. 

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Though Costco does not carry all the necessities you’ll need for your newborn, their Costco baby items are a great framework to build upon. Whether it’s their Kirkland Signature diapers or Huggies, you can find the brands you love at Costco.