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[Sticky] What's the difference between "clearance" and "manager markdowns"

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If you haven't already read our blog post on "Decoding Costco's Price Tags" ... well shame on you! But we'll forgive you this once and give you the low down:

A clearance item is one with a price that ends in .97 and is typically determined by a district or store manager. Clearance items are ones that are typically being discontinued and may never come back or may come back in a slightly different form. You can often find similar .97 items from store to store in the same region... but not always.

A manager markdown is a product with a price ending in .00 and is exclusively determined at the discretion of each store manager. These are typically the last few remaining items on the shelves of a particular product that is seasonal or never coming back to the store. Don't count on finding the same .00 markdowns at multiple stores.

If you find any manager markdowns or clearance items at your store, please post them to our site - or discuss them here in this forum.

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Thank you for sharing this information about Costco's pricing strategies. It's always helpful to understand how these pricing systems work, as it can save us money in the long run. I appreciate the insight into clearance items and manager markdowns. This knowledge will undoubtedly assist fellow shoppers in making more informed decisions. If I come across any such deals at my local store, I'll be sure to share them on the site or discuss them here in the forum. Sharing these finds can benefit the entire community. Thanks again for shedding light on this topic!

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