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Jumbo Lobster Claws

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I just found the best deal ever at the Costco in West Melbourne,  Florida.  They are selling a 2 pound bag of Jumbo lobster claws for ONLY $22.00 a bag ( for a 2 Lb bag) . They are hugh and delicious. They are even " Pre Cut on both sides" so after cooking them they easly snap open and all the meat comes out in one piece. My sweetie and I couldn't even eat them all. I added a Table spoon of Old Bay seasoning to the water then I steamed them for 8 minutes. They came out 👌 perfect. I put the biggest claws on the bottom of the streamer rack then stacked the others on top. They all cooked perfectly. Dip the meat in melted butter you have an Amazing meal ( for $11.00  a person). I'm trying to see what other Costco's have them. Happy Eating 😋


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Sounds great! Would love to give these a try if they ever make it to the west coast.  Thanks for sharing!