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Kirkland Signature Organic Green Juice

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I mean... what the heck, Costco?

Based on the outpouring of angst from fellow Costco-holics like me, it seems many others were just as frustrated and flummoxed as I was when this product disappeared from the shelves of our local Costco. 

First, I do not normally like "green" juices. I find most of them repulsive... but there was something oddly enjoyable - if not mildly addicting - about the Kirkland Signature Green Juice.  Perhaps it was the hint of mint... and I normally dislike mint-flavored anything (except mint chocolate chip ice cream!). 

It was still available at some stores for a while... but eventually the supply seemed to dry up completely and couldn't be found at nary a single Costco location. We think there must have been a manufacturing issue and Costco could no longer source the delicious elixir. 

Now if I could only replicate the recipe and start selling it on this site...  Hmmm - maybe I should start a Kickstarter! Who's with me?!

Are you missing one of your favorite products from Costco? Tell the world by posting a new topic in this forum! Maybe Costco Corporate is watching. 🧐