The Costco April 2018 Coupon Book is here! The offers are available in stores April 19th through May 13th and this April edition of the coupon book is 23 pages long. These specials will run concurrently with the Costco Early April Hot Buys.

The February and March Coupon Books were quite good, and April is pretty good as well. Here are a few deals worth mentioning from this April 2018 book:

  • Portofino Collection (Item #1223874): Get $500 off this really nice outdoor furniture set. Good quality outdoor furniture is expensive – but if you can save 20% off of Costco’s already low price, that makes this an especially good deal.
  • Vitamix Exlorian Series Blender (Item #1161528): At 2.2 horepower, this blender is 2-8X more powerful than your garbage disposal. (We’ll just let that sink in for a second…) With $70 off, the price is below $300 ($279.99 to be exact) – a great deal for a Vitamix.
  • Bio Bidet USPA 6800 Luxury Toilet Seat (Various item numbers): $150 off makes this upscale bum-washer only $249. That’s almost 40% off a device that will squirt warm liquid at your exposed nether-regions and then gently air dry them. Now you can laugh at all the savages that still use toilet paper. What a time to be alive!
  • Vita Coco Coconut Water (#1218891): Get $5 off a case (18 boxes) of coconut water. Gotta admit, we’re not huge fans of coconut water in general, but if you have to drink the stuff (good for staying hydrated for sports), you could do much worse than Vita Coco – and this is a great price.

Overall, we’d rate this coupon book 3.5 out of 5 stars. Let us know how you’d rate it in the comments.