Apr 9, 2020
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Costco April 2020 Coupon Book

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And now for something completely different!  In these times of great change, Costco is also changing up its coupon book strategy. Instead of the standard mailed coupon books, Costco will be 

publishing all their deals in the April 2020 Coupon Book online only.

According to our very reliable sources at Costco Insider, who normally score the Costco coupon book in advance, they will be mailing most members a postcard with a QR code linking to all the deals online. The offers in the Coupon Book are available in stores from April 15th – May 10th.

Due to the current “stay at home” orders across almost all of the country, we suggest only heading out to Costco to purchase these items if you’re also already making a trip to stock up on food and necessary supplies.

By the way, if you want to find out if your local store might have certain supplies in stock (such as bottled water, toilet paper, paper towels, disinfecting wipes, etc), head on over to our Costco TP Tracker. It has over 9,000 submissions, over 400,000 views, and has been featured on iHeartRadio and CBS News.

All the April 2020 Coupon Book deals are now published already at Costco.com and CostcoInsider.com.

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Just like the March coupon book, this one starts ten full days after the previous one ends. There are a total of 127 deals/coupons in this savings book.

In this April 2020 book, there are a lot of vitamins/supplements and spring seasonal items:

  • Vitamix® Explorian Series 320 Blender (Item # 1227836): $100.00 off
  • Flonase Nasal Spray 3/144 sprays (Item # 1144335): $11.00 off
  • Claratin, Nasacort, and Zyrtec (Item # 810143, 807862, & 502043 respectively): all $8.oo off
  • Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink Mix (Item 100018793): $6.00 off
  • Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 60+ and/or Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen SPF 50 (Item 1374031, 1374061): $4.00 off each
  • Samsung 75″ or 65″ 4K QLED LCD LED TV (Item # 9757565 & 9657500): $1299.00 or $999.99 respectively

Go check out all the deals over at Costco.com.

Overall, we’d rate this coupon book 2.5 out of 5 stars.  Let us know how you’d rate it in the comments.

Confirmed Locations:
Costco.com · CostcoInsider.com

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  • I do not like.Since I did not get a book in the mail, I will not be shopping at Costco
    this month.

    Avatar Thomas Eliason April 17, 2020 4:14 pm Reply
  • I love it .I haven’t been to Costco in a while I miss it I’m a essential worker . And it’s hard work thank you.these people just don’t get it coupon book or face mask . It’s a different time right now .

    Avatar Tami April 30, 2020 4:33 am Reply
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