Learn “insider” lingo from Costco employees. Our favorite: Snot Rockets! 😂

The Front End: This is the area of the store where customers check out and pay for their purchases.

The Steel: This refers to the metal shelving units that are used to store products in the warehouse.

A Steel: The very top row/shelf of the product racks. B Steel = middle row. C Steel = lower row. D = the floor.

Board: Large wooden skid that merchandise is shipped, displayed or stored on. i.e. Pallet

Short Board:  A pallet from which some product has been removed.

Bad Board: A broken pallet.

The Back Room: This is the area of the store where products are stored before they are put out on the shelves.

The Floor: This refers to the sales floor where customers shop.

Deleted: This means the item isn’t being ordered anymore.

Action Alley: This is the main aisle in the store where seasonal items and promotions are displayed.

Snot Rockets AKA Ghosts or Cobwebs: The strands of plastic hanging down from pallets on the shelves.

The Cage: This is a secure area where high-value items such as electronics and jewelry are stored.

The Fence: An impulse-buy area located just inside the front door.

The Whale AKA Flat: This is a large, flatbed cart that is used to transport large items around the store.

Grazing: Opening up or eating food that hasn’t been paid for.

The Beast AKA Big Joe or Skateboard or Double Jack or The Boat: This is a pallet jack that is used to move heavy items around the store.

The Endcap: This is the display at the end of an aisle that showcases a particular product.

Block down: This is the process of cleaning, squaring, and leveling off a pallet of merchandise.

Fall Zone: This is a “danger zone” that must be clear of people when a forklift is dropping merchandise out of the steel.

Back door: This refers to the truck deliveries/receivings and back entrance to the warehouse when closed, also known as docks.

Cooler: This is a big refrigerated box where “cold” products are located.

Code 99: This is an emergency announcement that requires all employees to drop what they’re doing and respond immediately.

Code Adam:  This is a missing child alert. This code is not specific to Costco – other stores use it.

Death Star: Used by members to refer to the asterisk in the top right corner of the price tag which means the item is being discontinued (often accompanied by a x.97 price!)

DNI: Means Do Not Inventory and tells employees not to count that item inventory because it is being RTV’d (Returned To Vendor)

Gentle Sweep AKA Gentle Push: Refers to employees walking through the warehouse reminding members that closing time is approaching.

Pulling Weeds: Relocating merchandise that has been moved from its proper spot in the store


These fun facts are inspired by the new book “The Joy of Costco – A Treasure Hunt from A to Z” by David & Susan Schwartz.  This is such an awesome book and obviously a lot of time, care, and research went into making it.

Pick a few up on Amazon (or you may also find it at your local Costco) and give them as Holiday gifts to the Costco lovers in your life.



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