In 2021, Costco sold over 475,000 carats of diamonds. 💎 More…

If every diamond sold was an average of 1 carat in size, that would be over $1.9 BILLION in diamonds sold.

The most expensive diamond ring ever purchased at Costco was a 10-carat cushion cut solitaire diamond engagement ring and cost an astounding $600,000.

In 2009, an extremely rare pink diamond at a Costco in New York City was purchased over the phone by a buyer in Chicago who saw it on TV.

Costco sells over $1.6 BILLION in jewelry & watches each year.

Costco is the 4th largest jeweler in the USA – behind Walmart, Amazon, and Signet.

Sol Price and Mandell Weiss, who co-founded FedMart (later to become Costco), were in the jewelry business before starting FedMart. They knew selling jewelry would be a key to their success.

All Costco jewelry that has a diamond centerpiece 1.00 carat or bigger comes with a GIA certificate, ensuring the quality of the jewelry piece and mitigating the risk of buying a falsely overvalued item.

Costco jewelry return policy:  You can return your jewelry to any Costco location at any time,  including any IGI and/or GIA certificates provided with your order. Within 48 hours, a Costco Graduate Gemologist will inspect for authenticity and process your refund accordingly.

Costco regularly checks its gold and diamond vendors to ensure their labor practices and business income support only ethical and humane purposes.


These fun facts are inspired by the new book “The Joy of Costco – A Treasure Hunt from A to Z” by David & Susan Schwartz.  This is such an awesome book and obviously a lot of time, care, and research went into making it.

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