The average Costco parking lot has room for 750…

vehicles. Did you ever notice how much easier it is to get in and out of spaces there than at a lot of other retailers? That’s because parking spaces at Costco are 10 feet wide, which is a whole TWO feet wider than most other store parking lots. 📏

That makes for a lot fewer door dings!

Some Costco stores in Asia have to build vertically to have enough room for the warehouse and parking. Even the warehouse might span multiple floors.

The Costco in Lancaster, PA, which is deep in the middle of Amish country, has special spaces for horse and buggies.

The Costco in Merida, Mexico has a cenote (sinkhole) in the parking lot.


Costco parking lots are sometimes used as filming locations for movies and TV shows as well as staging areas for emergency response crews.

The largest Costco parking lot in the world is located at the Costco in Issaquah, Washington. It has over 1,800 spaces.

The smallest Costco parking lot in the world is located at the Costco in Tokyo, Japan. It has only 300 spaces.


These fun facts are inspired by the new book “The Joy of Costco – A Treasure Hunt from A to Z” by David & Susan Schwartz.  This is such an awesome book and obviously a lot of time, care, and research went into making it.

Pick a few up on Amazon (or you may also find it at your local Costco) and give them as Holiday gifts to the Costco lovers in your life.



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