Did you know a couple actually got married AT Costco?!

Forget the traditional wedding venues; this couple (Meredith and Robert Bonilla) opted for the practicality and charm of the big-box retailer where they first crossed shopping carts.

A year after their fateful encounter in the frozen food section (cue romantic music 🎶), Robert and Meredith decided to make it official where their love began. Apparently, it was love at first free sample – because nothing says “forever” like snagging the last mini pizza roll bite, right?

Source: David Martinez/ dmboxing.com

Now, before budget-conscious brides start planning their own Costco weddings, here’s the scoop: the Bonillas had to pull some strings and get special permission from Costco headquarters. But, when your love story involves $1.50 hot dogs and long walks around the racetrack, it’s worth a shot.

On December 21, 2014, just before closing time, Robert and Meredith held their Costco wedding. Since it was right before Christmas, the store was busy and filled with holiday items.  The ceremony at the store at closing time. With about 200 guests, they wed in the frozen food aisle on a makeshift altar made of wooden pallets, surrounded by poinsettias.  The story  made international headlines because no one had ever wed at Costco before.

So, kudos to the couple who turned a regular shopping trip into a wedding extravaganza. It just goes to show, when love is in the air (along with the scent of roasting rotisserie chickens), any place can be the perfect venue.

Costco, the unsung hero of love stories and bulk purchases.


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