We’re not sure why, but it seems like forever since the last coupon book came out – so we’re quite excited that the May and June 2021 coupon book is coming out soon. The best part is we’ve gotten a sneak preview of the Costco May 2021 Coupon book before it hits mailboxes next week! Check it out below.  The offers in this May June Coupon Book are available in stores from May 19th until June 13th.

Our friends at The Costco Insider scored this sneak preview…

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This coupon book is 23 pages, which is fairly average size, and lasts 3.5 weeks and starts a full 10 days after the April coupon book ends. We’re not super excited about this coupon book, but there are some interesting new items and deals.

In this May 2021 book, here are a few more noteworthy items:

  • Red Bull Energy Drink Original and/or Sugar Free (Item #711509): $7.00 Off
  • Braun Series 9 Sport Shaver (Item #1526634): $40.00 Off
  • FEIT Electric 48′ String Lights  (Item # 710090): $10.00 Off or $39.99
  • Ninja Foodie Power Pitcher System  (Item # 1592427): $30.00 Off or $99.99
  • Galaxy S21 5G 128GB (Item #1525881): $479 Off

Overall, we’d rate this coupon book 3.0 out of 5 stars.   Let us know how you’d rate it in the comments.