Seems like it’s been quite a while but it’s finally time for a new coupon book from Costco. The March 2022 coupon book is almost here!

We’ve got a sneak preview for you before it lands in your mailbox later this week. Check it out below.  The Member Only Savings in this March Coupon Book are available in stores from March 9th through April 3rd.

As always, credit to the Costco Insider for scoring this sneak peek.

Check out the March 2022 Coupon Book on


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This Costco March coupon book is 26 pages which is the largest we’ve seen in a while, and lasts 3.5 weeks and starts a full 1o days after the February 2022 coupon book ends.

There are some good deals on allergy medications for the start of spring; we love their DeRuta Fresco luxury hand soaps; Samsung electronics including $50 off Galaxy Buds Pro; tons of laptop deals, including $150 off MacBook Pro 13″; and lots of what we would call “spring cleaning” items.

Overall, we’d rate this coupon book 3.0 out of 5 stars.   Let us know how what you think in the comments.