Knock knock.
Who’s there?
It’s the May – June 2023 coupon book!

Get ready because it’s set to hit your mailbox any day now. Take a sneak peek at the preview and get ready to save big on your favorite products.

The Member Only Savings in this May – June Coupon Book are available in stores from May 17th – June 11th.

Shout-out to the awesome Costco Insider for getting us this exclusive sneak peek!

Check out the May – June 2023 Coupon Book on


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This Costco May – June coupon book 23 pages long this time, and lasts about 3.5 weeks and starts 10 long days after the April 2023 coupon book ends.

If you’re a beef stick lover, this coupon book has two great deals: Our favorite, the Bavarian Meats Lil’ Landjaeger Sticks (which have a great smokey flavor), are $4.20 off,  and the Greenridge Naturals Beef Snack Sticks are $4.00 off.  Tell us your favorite deal in the comments!

Overall, we’d rate this coupon book 3.5 out of 5 stars.  Let us know how what you think.