Aug 24, 2017
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Costco September 2017 Coupon Book

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The Costco September 2017 Coupon Book is out! We teamed up with our friends at CostcoInsider to publish the deals this month. The 22-page September coupon book offers are available in stores starting August 31st and running through September 24th.

Costco September 2017 Coupon Book

The September flyer definitely has some items that caught our attention – namely:

  • Mochi! (Items #1076288 & #1009700) We’ve been dying to try these – and we think the $2.80 off per box may just do the trick.
  • Jerky! (Item #605195) Golden Island Korean BBQ Pork Jerky – we’re already big fans of Golden Island, but you had us at jerky.
  • Squatty Potty! (#1075343) We first saw these on Shark Tank and while we’ll probably never buy one, we love saying it. SQUATTY POTTY!!!
  • Cottonelle Ultra Bath Tissue (#676648) If you’ve never tried this TP before – you must! It’s the Rolls Royce of toilet paper. (Your butt will thank us for it.)

Are you sensing a theme here? Good, because you’re not imagining it. All we’re saying is if you eat enough of the first two items in one sitting, you’ll be very happy you listened to us and purchased the second two. Capiche?

Overall, we’d rate this coupon book 4 out of 5 stars. Let us know how you’d rate it in the comments.

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