$10 - $30 OFF
Item #:
43887 & 57513
Size / Qty:
18-22 lbs each

Technically not a “.97” but definitely on clearance and both are great deals! These will sell out quickly at this price!

Foster Farms regular price: $0.99 / lb. = average regular price of $20-25 each turkey.   Get $10 off

Diestel Turkey Ranch regular price: $3.99 / lb. = average regular price of $80-90 each turkey. Get $30 off

You’d be amazed at how easy it is to bring the whole family together around the table. At least that’s always been the case when there’s a Diestel Family Ranch whole bird in the middle of it. Lean, clean, and unabashedly delicious, it’s turkey the way Mama Nature intended: with no antibiotics ever. Organic & Non-GMO.

Whether it’s your favorite holiday all year (finally!), another family get-together (already?), or simply time for something delicious, we’ve got the tender, juicy, big, bold, premium Diestel Family Ranch bird for you.