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  • 9 Beam Modes
  • 220 Degree Viewing Area
  • 550 Lumens of Light Output
  • 9 Duracell AAA Batteries Included
  • 3 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty


Headlamp Beam Types

The Broadview Headlamp has 9 Beam Modes, including beam options that provide 220 degrees of lighting. In addition, all major lighting modes are adjustable with limitless brightness and dimming control.

30 degree to 220 illustration of light

The 220 degrees of warm lighting enhances your night vision, giving you the ability to view the maximum 220 degrees that the eye can view. The warm lighting provides a comfortable light for up close viewing, while the Down Beam provides path lighting and lighting of the body for improved safety. When the Side and Down Beams are combined with the Flood and Spot beams, you create the perfect lighting for any need or activity. The Side and Down Beam modes are fully dimmable by simply holding down this mode button.

Flood (or Wide)

The Flood Beam mode, or otherwise known as Wide Beam mode, is useful for general construction and camping, up-close repair work and reading. Flood beams ordinarily do not throw light a long distance, however, with the Broadview Headlamp, the Flood Beam can be used alongside of or combined with other beam types. When combined with the Side and Down Beams the Flood Beam gives a combined Kelvin light temperature and full 220 degree of dimmable lighting.

Spot Beam (Focus/Narrow)

This tight beam best enables long-distance viewing. The Broadview Spot Beam provides one of the longest beam distances of any major headlamp. The Broadview Spot is perfect for use outdoors. The Spot Beam can be adjusted for brightness and combined with any other Broadview mode.

Night Vision

The Night Vision Beam allows for viewing maps or other up-close viewing needs without causing negative reaction to the eyes. Night Vision can be combined with many of the other Beam Modes.

Headlamp Light Output (550 Lumens)

The Broadview Headlamp is one of the brightest headlamps on the market today with 550 Lumens of Spot and Flood Beams. In addition to the power of the 550 lumen setting, you’ll have complete control over the limitless dimming abilities to adjust the brightness level to any setting that you desire.

Power Lock

The Broadview comes with the Power Lock feature that eliminates accidental power on, such as when the headlamp is placed in a backpack or travel bag. Simply push both mode buttons on the top at the same time for 3 seconds and a red light flashes to indicate that have enabled Power Lock mode. Press the buttons again for 3 seconds and the red light comes on solid to indicate that Power Lock is turned off.

Waterproof – IPX8

The Broadview Headlamp is one of the only truly Waterproof Headlamps on the market today, with a lab tested rating of IPX8. This means you don’t have to worry about the Broadview working in bad weather or even when it falls into the water. The Broadview Headlamp is designed and built to withstand even the harshest of environments.

On/Off Switches

The Broadview Headlamp has two mode button controls. These two buttons make it easy to control your desired Beam Mode combinations, and allows you to easily adjust to the desired brightness of light. Located at the top of the headlamp, push both ON/OFF buttons together to switch the headlamp into Power Lock Mode. The right button controls the Spot Beam, Flood Beam and Night Vision Modes, while the left button controls the Peripheral Vision (Side and Down Beams).

9 Headlamp Modes

  • Flood
  • Spot
  • Night Vision
  • Peripheral Vision (Side and Down Beams)
  • Flood + Spot
  • Flood + Peripheral Visions (Side and Down Beams)
  • Spot + Peripheral Visions (Side and Down Beams)
  • Flood + Spot + Peripheral Visions (Side and Down Beams)
  • Night Visions + Peripheral Visions (Side and Down Beams)