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38.14 oz

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32+ Artisanal Soft Pretzels:

  • (4) Wheelhouse Signature Soft Pretzels: Our signature soft pretzel! Crafted to be light and airy on the inside with a traditional Bavarian-style crust on the outside.
  • (1) Bag of One-Timer Soft Pretzel Bites (Approx. 22+):  Our One-Timer Soft Pretzel Bites are meticulously crafted with simple, natural ingredients delivering a light, airy brioche-style interior with a traditional Bavarian-style pretzel crust for a one-of-a-kind soft pretzel experience.
  • (6) Turnbuckle Soft Pretzel Sticks: Meet the perfect artisanal soft pretzels. Our Turnbuckle Soft Pretzel Sticks are light and fluffy morsels, great with sauces and spreads.

+ Three Signature Toppings:

  • (1) Three Cheese Pretzel Salt
  • (1) French Toast Sugar
  • (1) Classic Pretzel Salt


Shoutout to @soundfires on Reddit for this one!