Hello fellow Costco-holics. We’re trying to find ways to help our visitors & subscribers during these strange and trying times and we need your help.  As you’re likely well aware, most – if not all – Costco stores are running out of essential products during this Coronavirus pandemic. People are panic-buying and hoarding certain products so that those the actually who are out of them and need them cannot get them.

UPDATE:  Due to positive feedback, we’ve just implemented the TP Tracker! Please help us out by filling it out on your next visit to Costco.

Our idea is to create a daily tracker of which locations have stock of these items. It will be super basic – unless someone with WordPress experience can help us build something better – but hopefully useful. The idea is: each day we’ll publish an updated list of which stores are confirmed to have stock on certain items, such as water, disinfecting wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, and rice (we’re open to tracking other products).  This is where you come in: we’ll need you to email or text message us to let us know if you’ve found any of these items at your local Costco.  We’ll post the store location, the list of items confirmed as available for purchase, and the time(s) reported/updated. It would be updated throughout the day.

Please comment if:  a) you think this will help; and b) if you would help contribute by emailing or texting us if you find these items at your store. If you think this idea is lame or if you have a better idea, we’d like to know that as well.

Editor’s note: Just wanted to take a moment to point out that we are not related to Costco corporate in any way. We are an independent Costco fan site/blog that relies heavily upon the generosity of your time to help this site thrive and keep your fellow Costco shoppers informed about clearance deals and important Costco news. Stay safe everyone – and thank you for your input and content contributions to our site!