Gourmia FoodStation: The 6-in-1 Kitchen Appliance That Will Make Your Life Easier and More Delicious

We were stoked when we saw the Gourmia FoodStation go on sale in the Costco September Coupon Book for $79.99 (that’s $20 off – through 9/24)!

Our family was in the market for a new air fryer, and this bad boy can not only air fry, but it also bakes, grills, roasts, dehydrates, and griddles – all for about the same price as a regular air fryer. 🤯 

Could it really do a good job with all of these cooking methods? We couldn’t wait to find out!

In this review, we’ll share our honest thoughts on the Gourmia FoodStation’s features, performance, value, recipe ideas, and more. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

The TL;DR Version

We’ve been getting saucy in the kitchen with the Gourmia FoodStation for about a week now, and admittedly, we’re low-key obsessed with it. 😍 So far it has produced delicious results every time. Plus, it’s so easy to use, even a caveman could do it. (Just kidding, cavemen didn’t have kitchens.) 

We’ve made everything from air-fried salmon to roasted vegetables to pancakes & eggs in it, and it’s all been very good.

Be sure to keep reading the full review because there’s a surprise at the end (spoiler alert: there’s a giveaway!) 🎁

Set-Up & First Impressions

The Gourmia FoodStation is packaged well and easy to set up. The appliance comes fully assembled in the box along with the included air fry basket, grill, and griddle attachments. They also include clear instructions, a recipe book, and a temperature probe in the box.

Picture of Gourmia FoodStation appliance in a kitchen
Stock Gourmia Photo

The digital display on the front is very easy to see and use. We found it very intuitive and worked well even with greasy fingers. We only wish the three controls with blue lights at the bottom were as easy to see as all the other controls.

The unit seems very solid and well made. It’s not exactly small so be sure you have some room on your countertop when you’re using it.

Ideally place it somewhere not below your cabinets or you may have issues opening the lid (if used) if there is not a lot of clearance above your countertops. It was not a big issue for us, but it’s something to consider when placing it for use.

Because of its size and the way it’s designed, you can fit a lot of food in the air fryer / roasting basket (it’s 14” x 9”) so you’re more likely to get an even cook by laying it out more flat than a traditional air fryer basket.

Overall, It’s quiet when turned on in all its various modes – even “air fry” which surprised us. More on that later…

Features & Performance

Here are the things we love about the Gourmia FoodStation:

  • It’s incredibly versatile. As we mentioned before, the Gourmia FoodStation can cook a wide variety of foods in many different modes. We’ve used it to make everything from air-fried salmon (yes, it’s delicious!) to roasted cauliflower (it’s best when the edges start to brown) to grilled chicken to blueberry pancakes & eggs. It can also bake and dehydrate, although we didn’t have time to test those features yet. We’ll update the review after we’ve tried those.
  • It’s easy to use. The Gourmia FoodStation has a digital control panel that makes it easy to select the cooking mode, temperature and cooking time. It even has an optional turn reminder halfway through the cooking time to remind you to flip the food being cooked. The included temperature probe is a really nice addition to let you know at all times exactly what the internal temp is of the food you’re cooking, so you can always reach that just-right desired doneness. It will even automatically turn off the unit as soon as your ideal internal temp is reached! 🔥
  • It’s healthy. The Gourmia FoodStation uses little to no oil, so you can enjoy your favorite foods while eating healthy. The non-stick surfaces truly are non-stick so you can eliminate virtually all oil and/or butter when cooking if you want. Air frying does benefit from a light coating/spray of oil on the food to help it brown, but it’s probably 90-99% less than needed compared to regular frying.
  • It’s non-stick & easy to clean. The Gourmia FoodStation has a really good non-stick coating (PTOA & PTFE free, thankfully) that makes it easy to cook with and clean up after cooking. The first morning with the unit we made pancakes and eggs and both slid right off the griddle without using any butter or oil. Cleanup was a breeze with just a soapy sponge in the sink – or you could place the attachments and drip tray in the dishwasher. They are all dishwasher safe!
  • It heats evenly & quickly. If we have a gripe with most griddles and griddle pans for the stovetop, it’s that they always have hot spots and cool spots. Not so with the FoodStation! We were shocked that our very first set of pancakes turned out perfect and uniformly golden brown. 🥞 We normally treat our first batch of pancakes as “practice” cakes. The pre-heating phase never took longer than about 5 minutes no matter what temp we set.
  • It’s so quiet!  To be honest, when we turned on “Air Fryer” mode on the Gourmia, we were prepared to be disappointed. It was just so very quiet, we thought, “How could this be air frying when we can barely hear it?” We’re so used to our other air fryer that sounds like a jet engine preparing to take off. We were very pleasantly surprised with how well it worked with such little noise. It is way quieter than even our microwave.
  • It’s virtually smokeless. The really cool part about cooking with the FoodStation is that it gives off pretty much no smoke whatsoever when grilling – even when cooking chicken, burgers, etc. We have to say we were impressed with the near 100% elimination of all smoke when grilling. There were maybe a few tiny wisps here and there when grilling burgers but it’s a night and day improvement over using a standard grill pan on your stove. Honestly, we’re not sure what kind of magic they are using in the unit to do this. It will make grilling indoors possible on rainy days.
  • It’s see through.  The Gourmia FoodStation comes with a glass lid (that’s also very easily removable).  It seems simple in concept but it makes cooking – especially air frying – so much easier! Most air fryers are big black boxes and you have to open the drawer/lid to see what’s going on inside, letting out precious heat. The FoodStation’s glass lid is super convenient because you can easily watch your food to make sure it’s not burning.


Here are a few specific examples of how we’ve used the Gourmia FoodStation:

Gourmia Foodstation Stock Photo
Gourmia stock photo
  • We made air-fried salmon a couple nights ago, and it turned out with perfectly crispy edges & skin while staying very moist inside. We simply brushed the salmon very lightly with avocado oil, sprinkled on spices and salt, then placed it in the air fryer basket along with some veggies (similarly prepared) and cooked it at 400F for about 12-13 minutes. It was a delicious 15-minute, one “pot”, easy clean-up dinner!
  • We made blueberry pancakes on Sunday morning and they turned out perfect on the very first try. Loved how there were no hot spots or uneven heating on the griddle. Also liked how we didn’t need to add any fat whatsoever to the griddle before cooking. The non-stick surface is so slick on the Gourmia, everything we cook on it just slides right off. We used the Kodiak Cakes mix and added fresh blueberries right after we dropped the batter on the hot griddle (set to 380F), then flipped after 2-3 minutes. Add warm Kirkland Signature maple syrup to give that perfectly sweet kiss to the pancakes and we were in breakfast heaven.
  • We grilled some chicken for dinner last night, and it was (almost) perfectly cooked. The only reason one of the chicken breasts was overcooked was because we weren’t paying attention to the internal temp. Once we hooked up the temperature probe, we saw it was (over)done and pulled it right off. Our bad for not inserting the probe earlier. The other, thicker chicken breast was perfect and juicy!  To prepare, we brushed the breast with olive oil and seasoned it with salt and Trader Joe’s South African Smoke seasoning blend. We placed the chicken on the grill and cooked it at 480F for about 10 minutes per side.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to up your cooking game and kick all your other old and outdated appliances to the curb (we’re looking at you George Foreman Grill), the Gourmia FoodStation needs to be in your kitchen ASAP.  This versatile multi-tasker can air fry, bake, grill, roast, dehydrate, and griddle, making it perfect for cooking a wide variety of foods while eating healthy.

Even at full price ($99) this would be a great addition to your kitchen.

You can find the Gourmia FoodStation (Item #3333005) in Costco stores nationwide and online at Costco.com (check out the great reviews there as well), on sale for just $79.99 through September 24th. It’s model GGA2180.

Now excuse us while we go find something to dehydrate…

But Wait, There’s More!

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Note: Although we received a complimentary unit to review, our commitment remains to deliver an honest review to our readers.