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The advanced design of the 22” Diameter HotShot™ Wood Burning Fire Pit creates a hotter fire with minimal smoke and ash. This groundbreaking design features intake vents along the fire pit base that super-charges the heated air and feeds it back into the fire bowl creating a secondary combustion. This new Clean Air Technology™ removes up to 70% of particulate in its smoke when the wood level is kept below the top edge. The easy-to-use HotShot™ is the perfect natural wood burning backyard fire pit.


  • Up to 70% less smoke than traditional wood fire, with super-charged heat output
  • Base attachment elevates firepit from ground surface and increases air flow
  • Made of 100% 304 stainless steel
  • Durable & corrosion-resistant
  • Food grade stainless steel grill attachment for cooking
  • Spark screen with removable top for easily adding firewood
  • Multi-use handle compatible with both accessories
  • Heavy duty PVC cover protects from dirt and scratches
  • Less ash left behind makes it easy to clean and store
  • Empty ash and wipe with a clean dry cloth before covering


    • 22” Diameter Fire Pit
    • Base collar to support fire pit
    • Grill attachment
    • Spark screen collar
    • Spark screen top lid
    • Interchangeable handle
    • PVC coated fabric protective cover

22″ × 22″ × 15″;  31.9 lb