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  • 🥤 HOMEMADE BOBA MILK TEA KIT – Featuring our authentic and original Taiwanese bubble tea with delicious fresh (not dry) tapioca brown sugar boba pearls, classic milk tea and extra wide paper straws!
  • 🥤 READY IN UNDER 1 MINUTE – Our boba is made from preservative-free instant tapioca pearls coated in brown sugar syrup. Microwave the boba packet, add hot water to milk tea powder in a cup, and add ice, heated boba, and straw. Yay it’s done!
  • 🥤 CONVENIENT AND EASY – Forget large batches, using bubble tea machines or washing pots & pans to make bubble tea. Take a boba set to the office or school for an easy snack, or stock up your pantry for at home use!
  • 🥤 GLUTEN-FREE & VEGETARIAN-FRIENDLY – J WAY boba kit offers gluten-free boba and milk tea powder made with pure cow’s milk as the main ingredient, perfect gift for your friends and family to enjoy!
  • 🥤 WHAT IS INSIDE- 6 Individually wrapped portions of brown sugar-flavored boba, 2 portions of caramel flavored boba, 2 portions of fruity flavored boba, 4 classic milk tea packets, 2 creme brulee milk tea packets, 2 taro milk tea packets, 2 passionfruit pineapple green tea packets, & 10 extra wide paper straws. Store in a cool, dry place (no refrigeration necessary).

Thanks to @MosasaurusSoul on Reddit for the deal.