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About Migraine Headache Relief, Acetaminophen, Aspirin (NSAID) and Caffeine Tablets

Pain caused by migraine headaches can disrupt your life – sometimes at the worst possible moments. Kirkland Signature™ offers a pain reliever that can help you cope. Kirkland Signature Migraine Headache Relief combines acetaminophen with caffeine and aspirin (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, NSAID) in each dose to treat migraine headaches so you can get back to doing what you enjoy most. This migraine medicine delivers effective relief for adults 18 years and over. Compare to the active ingredients in Excedrin® Migraine Caplets.

FSA Eligible

Migraine Pain Relief Tips

Migraines are a reoccurring headache that can cause moderate to severe throbbing or pulsing pain. Identifying and avoiding what triggers your migraines may help. Some migraine triggers include:

  • Stress and/or anxiety
  • Hormonal changes in women
  • Bright or flashing lights
  • Loud noises
  • Strong smells
  • Sudden changes in weather
  • Too much or not enough sleep
  • Overexertion

If you have headache pain caused by migraines, a migraine treatment like Kirkland Signature Migraine Headache Relief can help. You can also try placing a cool washcloth on your forehead and drink plenty of fluids to help cope with migraine pain.

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