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S only! 3 styles - only qty 6-8 each left

3 styles, but only 2 (white / dots, blue / checked) overlap with online $9.97 (but which has many more sizes);’s-short-sleeve-stretch-woven-shirt.product.100706244.html

Third is gray horizontal stripes, plus differently has 2 chest pockets not 1 on other 2 styles.

“Small”style! I.e. slim fit – though the SLIGHT stretch helps, SHORT-SHORT sleeves, tiny pocket(s). But thankfully normal length, unlike other youthful shirts.

Also, the different styles have WILDLY different content! 98/2% cotton/spandex in gray, but 55/41/3% in blue. Seems online is wrong w/98% “polyester”.

Spotted on June 17