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Appeal to older kids and Lilo and Stitch fans with this LEGO Disney Stitch (43249) buildable play-and-display set, featuring a Stitch character.  The incorrigible extraterrestrial from the hit Disney film, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, has movable ears and a turning head, a buildable ice-cream cone that the character can hold and a buildable flower that can be added or removed.  This kids’ building kit looks great on display in any room and makes a fun Disney gift idea for older children and film-lovers as they set up the buildable character. Kids and grown-up fans alike will appreciate the details in a building toy that lets them build and play with the iconic character together.


  • A displayable model from Lilo and Stitch, a buildable ice-cream cone and a flower that can be used to decorate the character
  • Movable ears and a turning head, plus a hand to hold the ice-cream cone
  • ​​​​​​​Create Stitch in his Hawaiian shirt, decorate him with an ice-cream cone and flower, move his head and ears into different positions to show new expressions, then set him up on display

Thanks to @Competitive_Cow_3438 on Reddit for the deal.