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May Coop Raw Activator – Nutritious serum that recharges and energizes skin (2.03 oz)


  • LONG LASTING NOURISHMENT : Apply once in the morning, lasts for 24 hours
  • 4-STEP-REVITALIZATION PROCESS : strengthens inner wall of skin, moisturizes outer wall of skin, lifts, and improves overall skin condition
  • MAIN EFFECTS : revitalizes, nourishes, balances skin, prevents acnes
  • Volume : 2.03 oz (60 ml)
  • Manufactured in Korea
About May Coop
  • “Slow miracle” – A beauty attained from a long wait and dedication
  • May Coop is a sap expert brand that makes products from tree and plant saps
  • Sap is natural watery liquid extracted from a tree or plant – It contains amino acids, vitamins, potassium, calcium, and other minerals
  • Each and every drop of sap contains the secret of life that underwent the struggle with the heat and cold during a year
  • May Coop goes through vigilant harvest of natural extracts every Spring (May) and multiple organic tests to make their products

May: Spring, Life
Coop: spirit to build a brand of dedication with customers
5: Seasons(month) of collecting Maple sap
100: 100% of pure sap content
12: The year of brand launching is 2012, and 12 means ‘perfect’ in bible

The Raw Series
  • May Coop’s Raw series were inspired from the sap of maple tree in uncontaminated area of the great Jiri Mountain, “the mountain of the wise people” of Korea
  • Maple tree sap’s main effects: deep hydration, moisture loss prevention, anti-inflammation, skin barrier strengthening