Hey Costco-holics! We’re excited to announce the launch of a brand new feature on our site: The Costco Community Forums.

We’ve created a space where fellow Costco lovers can discuss the Costco topics near and dear to their hearts.

We noticed in various post comments that a lot of our visitors needed help finding or selling Costco products (such as flooring) – so we created the “Wanted to Buy/Sell“.

We also saw people who wondered what happened to a certain product that might not be stocked in their stores anymore (Kirkland Organic Green Juice anyone?) – so we created the “What Ever Happened to…” forum.

Some people also want to discuss how good – or bad – some products are they they’ve purchased from Costco – so we created the “Reviews & Recipes” forum.

Now all these types of conversations and many more can be easily found and organized in our new Community forums.

Visit Forums Now

By joining the Community, you can automatically get notified by email whenever new comments are made on the topics you want to follow.

Please take a moment to head on over there and take a peek. Feel free to start your own discussion or comment on an existing one. It’s not much of a “community” without your participation.

If you want to make any suggestions for new topics or features of the Community section, please do so on the New Community Forum announcement post in the “Costco97 News & Announcements” forum.  We’re really curious to know if users want a “Direct Message” feature within the forums so they can contact each other privately about products for sale.

Anyway, please let us know what you think! We’re excited to share this new feature with you.