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5 feet long

Normally sells for $15-25

Nitey Leash is the world’s first-ever fiber optic dog leash and the only dog leash that lights up completely from end to end.

  • Completely illuminated from end to end
  • Illuminated 360 degrees (visible from every angle)
  • Chew-resistant
  • One size fits all dogs (up to 150 pounds!)
  • Five feet long (one size fits all dogs)
  • Runs on 3 easy to replace AAA batteries (included!)
  • Batteries last for at least two months before you even need to think about changing them
  • Two modes — steady and blinking
  • Comfortable loop at the end of handle to ensure secure group

Oprah magazine calls Nitey Leash “a smart gadget for your 21st century pet.”