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OxiClean Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes are specially designed to enhance and simplify the vehicle cleaning experience. OxiClean Automotive tools deliver powerful cleaning through technology and innovation to enhance and simplify the car care cleaning experience. The 2-sided scrub & clean material combined with the X-large wipes size are an ideal solution for quickly and easily cleaning all parts of your Car, Truck, SUV, and Home. 2-sided design provides a tough scrubbing fibers side to reach deep into surfaces and a side consisting of smooth fibers to wipe areas clean. OXICLEAN Multi-Surface Cleaning Wipes provide deep cleaning capabilities across most surfaces in your vehicle including plastic, rubber, glass, vinyl, leather and fabrics – deep cleaning everywhere you need it!


  • Dual Matrix Scrub & Clean Fiber Design
  • Scrubbing fibers reach deep into surfaces
  • Smooth fibers wipe areas clean