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Pebeyre Whole Summer Truffles are gently steamed and preserved in their own truffle juice. They come with a shaver and are sold in 2 60g packages.

Black summer truffles have a firm, lumpy surface with a tough outer skin. They have a pale beige interior with white veins and a mild smell of mushroom, nut, and wet earth. Their flavor is reminiscent of porcini mushrooms mixed with garlic, chocolate, and hazelnut nuances.

Black summer truffles pair well with rich foods such as meat, eggs, or cheese. You can also try them with lobster, caviar, or foie gras.

Fresh truffles should be consumed as soon as possible. If you wrap them in a paper towel and refrigerate them at around 37.5F, they should last 1-2 weeks.

Made in France.