January 24, 2024

Recall Details

Item #: Various

Locations: All

Purchase Dates: November 2019 and December 2023


If you purchased a clothing storage unit (dresser, chest, chesser, door chest, chiffarobe, etc.) from Springhill Designs between November 2019 and December 2023, you may be affected by this recall.

The plastic tip restraint kit manufactured by New Age Industries (included in some clothing storage units, i.e. dressers, chests, chesser, door chest, chiffarobe, etc.) has been recalled. The unit you purchased may have included a plastic zip tie in the recalled tip restraint kit that can become brittle or break.

new-age-industries-tip-restraint-kit-recall picture

This is NOT a recall of the furniture itself – ONLY the tip restraint kit.

You should immediately check if the clothing storage unit(s) you purchased have a date of manufacture sticker or stamp of November 2019 to December 2023 (the sticker may be located on the back or inside the top drawer of your unit).

If your unit was manufactured between November 2019 and December 2023, and the tip kit is made of plastic, please contact Alliance4Safety for a free replacement tip kit:

Keep children away from the unit while waiting for a replacement tip kit.

Please call Springhill Designs at 877-858-8045 8:00am – 4:30pm Mountain if you have any issues or concerns.

Link to Full Announcement by Manufacturer