June 1, 2024

Recall Details

Item #: #651195

Locations: Northwest Region

Purchase Dates: May 9 – May 31, 2024


Through standard food safety and quality processes, Tillamook has identified a very small quantity of gray and black plastic pieces that may be present in a limited quantity of Monterey Jack Cheese that is included in the 32 oz. package of Tillamook Monterey Jack and Tillamook Colby Jack cheese slices, with a “Best If Used By” date of October 22, 2024, produced only for Costco locations in the Northwest region.

In an abundance of caution and as part of our commitment to product quality and safety at the highest levels, we are voluntarily taking action to remove this product from the marketplace. If you still have this item, please refrain from consuming it and return the package to your local Costco for a full refund. If you have already consumed the product without issue, you do not need to take any action, as the likely
presence of the foreign plastic material is very minimal.

Photos of the impacted product are below for reference:


Please contact Tillamook at hello@tillamook.com or toll free at 855-562-3568 if you have any issues or concerns.


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