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Taylor’s digital body scale has a generous, durable, tempered glass platform.   Weigh with confidence, this scale provides an extra high 500 lb capacity weighing in 0.2 lb increments.  Don’t remember your weight from the previous weigh in?  No worries, the Weigh Tracking function remembers for you.  The blue backlit display makes it easy to read even in low lighting.  Taylor delivers style and accuracy.


    • 3 Duracell AAA Batteries


    • Weighs up to an extra high 500 lb in 0.2 lb increments
    • 2 person Weight Tracking function recalls your previous weight and compares it to your current weight
    • Wide 13.5 in x 12.2 in platform provides foot room
    • Weight tracking user recognition automatically recalls your user profile after initial set up
    • Large 3.2 in x 1.9 in readout with blue backlight for easy reading
    • Step-on Technology, no need to tap the scale before taking a reading.  Simply step on the scale to engage.


    • Tempered Glass
    • 12.2” x 13.5” x 1.0”

Made in China


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