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Torino Organic Multicolor Farfalla Pasta is made with organic ingredients and vegetable powders for natural coloring. The pasta has a hint of vegetable flavor and retains its color after cooking. 

From the Tornino web site:

  • “TAKE THE ORDINARY OUT OF PASTA ®”: This artisanal pasta is a real expression of love. Handmade in Italy with the best, natural ingredients available, utmost care is taken to perfectly coordinate pasta and five colors in order to enhance your pasta presentations.
  • ALL NATURAL AND ORGANIC: Made with simple ingredients, including high-quality vegetable powders, which provide the natural coloring! You can taste a hint of vegetable flavor from beets, tomatoes, spinach, and curcuma, and the color stays vibrant after cooking.
  • GREAT INGREDIENTS – GREAT HEALTH: Durum wheat organic semolina flour is a tasty way to get extra protein while enjoying delectable pasta. Our handcrafted product cooks like fresh pasta – Gentle boil on medium heat, pasta will double in size.
  • ITALIAN CAFE IN YOUR KITCHEN: Chefs Emilio and Martino guarantee high quality, Italian made goodness with every serving of Trattoria Torino pasta. It is carefully handcrafted in small batches in order to ensure perfection in every bite.
  • PASTA FOR ANY OCCASION: Complemented by a variety of toppings including olive oil, parmesan cheese, tomato or meat sauce, this pasta is great for all occasions from an after work snack to a formal dinner or even in a cold salad – stir gently!