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We’re glad you’ve found us. Here’s what Costco97 is all about…

First, what’s up with 97? The number 97 represents the cents value of any item on clearance at your local Costco store or online.  For example $9.97 is a clearance item, but $9.79 is not. More here…

What you can do on this site:  The purpose of this site is for fellow Costco-holics like you to discover and share clearance deals found at their local Costco store. These $x.97 deals are unadvertised. We would love it if you would take a moment comment on posts with the location of your local store if you find that item on clearance – this helps your fellow Costco shoppers find great deals.

Anytime you find or confirm a great deal here, we encourage you to share the post via social media and deal sites like SlickDeals.net to let as many people as possible know about the great deal you found. The more people that know about this site the more deals will be shared for everyone to find.

What you can’t do on this site: Sorry, you cannot buy products directly from us. We are not affiliated with Costco and do not have any inventory. Think of us as the “SlickDeals” for Costco products only. The best way to buy the items you find on this site is to call or visit your local Costco and see if there are any items remaining in stock; the Costco Item Number is on every post. You could also contact the original poster via the comments and perhaps arrange a purchase through them (not recommended, but we won’t stop you).

Happy hunting!