If you’re on the hunt for a new gift for your furry friends, check out the best Costco dog toys that you can find either online or in-store. 

Costco doesn’t just stock up on amazing finds for us, they also have affordable essentials for the pets waiting at home. From dog food to treats, you can find the best deals while knowing you’re giving your pups high-quality products. 

Whether you have a gentle cuddler or a mass destroyer, Costco carries a wide variety of toys that fit every dog’s needs.

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1. Harry Potter-Themed Dog Toys

Harry Potter Dog Toys, TikTok, Costco
Credit: jess_on_mainstreet

Harry Potter fans know it’s not just a phase, so why not share the joy of magic with your dog? The 7-piece Harry Potter set is some of the best Costco dog toys available in-store and is only $16.99.

This basket includes a rope toy, a Snitch squeaker, a Numbus 2000 rope toy, and four tennis balls in yellow, green, red, and blue to represent each Hogwarts house. These toys are made with soft plushy material to suit your gentle pups’ playstyle. 

2. goDog Jumbo Squeaker

Best Costco Dog Toys, goDog Jumbo, goDog, Costco
Credit: Costco

For the dog that enjoys cuddles in between their playtime, the goDog jumbo squeaker plush toy is one of the best Costco dog toys you can purchase online. A 2-pack is $34.99 and is incredibly durable for the average chewer. 

GoDog focuses on creating soft plush toys that can withstand chewing and vigorous playtime. Thanks to their puncture-proof material and their multiple squeakers, these plush dinos will keep your pup entertained for a while. 

3. Mighty Dog Toy

Mighty Micro Ball Dog, Petco, Costco
Credit: Costco

For the more aggressive players, these Mighty Toys at Costco are the better option. These durable, soft toys are made with multiple layers of fabric and minimal stuffing with a microfiber fabric that is perfect for the teeth and gums. With a squeaker inside, your dog will have fun for hours. 

What’s even better is that they’re machine washable, perfect for the rainy days when your pup sneaks outside for a mudbath. These long-lasting teddies can be found in-store for only $16.99.  

4. Happy Tails Barnyard Buddies

Happy Tails, Costco
Credit: Costco

This 3-pack of plush critters are some of the best Costco dog toys that you can find online for only $19.99. The toys come from Happy Tails, a brand that works to create interactive toys for your pets to stay entertained and active. 

The Barnyard Buddies pack comes with an Owl, Rooster, and Duck, and are reinforced with Chew Armor and squeakers. They’re made with strong mesh fabric and durable stitching to prevent wear and tear. These lightweight plushies are perfect for the smaller pups and light chewers that enjoy soft toys with some strength. 

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5. Built Tough Cooper and Scout Toys

Credit: Costco97

Cooper and Scout is a common name-brand dog toy that can be found at Costco’s warehouses. They promote toys that are long-lasting and made with the best, non-toxic materials, which sounds incredible for the owners who have destroyers in the family. 

They have soft plush outside and interlining with reinforcement for extra strength. Each toy has multiple squeakers plus an extra ball inside so your pup will be snoozing after an hour of playtime. 

The Ice Cream toys were on sale back in 2022 as a hidden Costco .97 deal, but savvy shoppers can find more from Cooper and Scout throughout warehouses. 

6. Kong Cozies

Kong Cozies, Costco
Credit: Costco

Dog owners everywhere have heard the name Kong, and Costco is one of the many stores that carry them, like the pack of Cozies for $24.99. These plush toys are perfect for light chewers and cuddlers. They’re adorable and feature an extra layer of material for added strength, as well as squeakers. For the players, the plushes are designed for floppiness to let your dog whip them around to their heart’s content. 

There has also been a sighting of a 4-pack of Kong toys, with a bit more durability, at the Costco warehouses in Canada, so hopefully they make their way to your local Costco soon

7. Nylabone Tough Dog Chews

Nylabone, Variety Pack, Best Costco Dog Toys, Costco
Credit: Costco

Some of the best Costco dog toys are these Nylabone tough chews. This 3-pack can be found online for $26.99 and comes with a variety of textures and flavors. 

Nylabone is known for creating toys and treats for dogs that love to chew. Their bones and sticks focus on teeth health which also helps with fresh breath. Their toys are extremely durable and can withstand the heaviest of chewers. 

8. Bark Dog Toys

Credit: Costco97

Bark is another popular name brand that features mainly plush toys, perfect for smaller breeds and gentle players. Their toys help with mental stimulation while giving comfort thanks to their soft, snuggly material. Their 4-pack of Costco-themed plush toys is perfect to show off your love for the retailer. The brand can be found at Costco warehouses for around $16

For instance, this pack came with a Kirkland Signature “Dogka” bottle, a block of cheese, Costco’s Executive Dog membership, and a bottle of Kirkland Signature Cabernet “Slobberon” wine

9. Buck Bone Elk Antlers Dog Chews

Buck Bone Organics, Elk Antler Chews
Credit: Buck Bone Organics

Like the Nylabone’s, these Buck Bone Elk Antlers are perfect for the larger dogs that seem to destroy everything in seconds. Their antlers are all natural so your dog can enjoy their chewing habit in a healthy, safe, and positive way. 

Thanks to their varieties, these chews work great for puppies of all ages. They offer split cuts that expose marrow for soft chewers, as well as whole cuts that offer more of a challenge and last longer. You can find these packs online in various sizes, with 4-10 pieces each, for only $56.99.

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Have you tried any of these toys? What are your thoughts on the quality and what do your pups think about them? Let us know in the comments to help your fellow shoppers pick the best one! 

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