If you haven’t visited a Costco by now, what are you waiting for? From monthly sales to everyday hidden deals, you can get a lot out of Costco.

Being a Costco member has various perks that save you money even with a membership fee. The Costco Pharmacy is one such perk that allows you to order and pick up medication. From discounted rates on everyday medicine and prescriptions to home deliveries, there are so many reasons to opt for Costco’s Pharmacy.

Want to learn how to save money on your medication? Keep reading so you can start saving today.

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What Should I Know About Costco Pharmacy?

15. Don’t Need To Be A Member

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Costco has several perks for those who are Gold Star members, and even more discounts for Executive members. However, the Costco Pharmacy is one perk that you don’t have to be a member to have access to.

That’s right! Even if you’re not a Costco member, you have access to all Pharmacy perks, from the lowest rates to online appointments. While being a member can help you save even more thanks to the Pharmacy member program, it’s not a requirement.

14. You Can Use Insurance

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Don’t have insurance? No worries! You can still shop at Costco’s Pharmacy as the prices are still incredibly affordable.

If you do have insurance, though, Costco works with various plans. Livewell has accumulated a few popular plans that Costco accepts, such as Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and private health insurance.

Please note that for the best, most up-to-date, and precise answer to this question, you should contact your local Costco to verify if they accept your insurance. This varies from store to store. Also, know that some insurance plans do have restrictions or limitations, so always check with your insurance before moving forward with Costco Pharmacy.

13. Prescriptions Can Take Time

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While new prescriptions can take up to 4 days to fully process in their system and fill, this is rarely the case. Depending on when your doctor calls them in, they are often ready that day if not the next. Not all Costco pharmacies are the same, so be sure to keep an eye on the alerts in case your prescription takes longer to fill than expected.

However, when refilling a prescription, it’s best to call two weeks before you need them. To avoid this problem, sign up for auto-refilling to have your prescription delivered to your door before your prescription is scheduled to run out.

12. Costco Pharmacy Is Here for Pets

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Costco Pharmacy is here for your pets as well. Bring your pet’s prescription bottle to your local Costco to swap for cheaper medicine. New prescriptions can be ordered directly through your vet’s office to your local Costco Pharmacy to start saving.

For instance, Prednisone is around $6.79 at Costco while it could cost around $12 at other Pharmacies. And for Tobramycin, it would be $8 cheaper at Costco at $16. To find out how much you can save on pet medication through Costco, check here.

11. Recieve Text Reminders

is a Costco membership worth it
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Keep forgetting about picking up your order? Sign up for text reminders!

Stay notified of when your prescription is filled and ready to be picked up, or when you’re ready for a refill. The Pharmacy will send multiple reminders and updates so you can stay up-to-date.

You can turn the text reminders on and off at any time. Simply go into your Costco Pharmacy account and select if you want notifications or not.

10. You Might Be Waiting a While

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Like the delay on new prescriptions, the wait to get your order can be daunting. It can help to order your prescription ahead, so you avoid a long wait in-store. You’ll get notified when your prescriptions are ready, so you can plan your pick up accordingly. Don’t forget that you can order online and have your prescriptions shipped at no extra charge, too.

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9. Costco Pharmacy Offers Immunizations

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Are you planning to travel soon? Costco has you covered once again. Costco Pharmacy provides a full-service travel consultation including an evaluation by a qualified travel medicine physician for only $39.99. After this, you can get the appropriate immunizations for your destinations to stay safe all at an affordable rate.

This is only available in select states, such as Alaska, California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, New Jersey, Oregon, Wisconsin, and more. For a complete list of locations, as well as all other information, check here.

8. Access to Virtual Appointments


Don’t overpay for a doctor’s visit again! Costco has teamed up with Sesame to provide virtual primary care appointments.

Not only does this cater to your needs, but it’s extremely affordable. You can get the help you need same-day with little to no wait time. Check out the top providers and their reviews to make sure you will get the best visit possible.

7. Costco Pharmacy is VIPPS-Accredited

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Costco’s Pharmacy is also VIPPS-accredited, or a Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site. This means that Costco’s Pharmacies have been vetted by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

This certification is needed for any online Pharmacy in the U.S. to be deemed safe and legal. To earn this, Costco had to go through a rigorous criteria review and inspection.

6. Performs Medication Compounding

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Medicine compounding is when a Pharmacy combines, mixes, or alters medicine to have it tailored to each patient. Costco’s Pharmacy does this to ensure everyone gets what they need.

This could mean altering the taste of a strong medication or taking out an ingredient that could cause an allergic reaction. With this service, you can prevent having to take multiple prescriptions at once.

5. Costco Pharmacy Has Auto-Refill Programs

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Join the auto-refill program to ensure your medication therapy isn’t disrupted by having your prescription delivered to your door.

Click the “on” or “off” button under the “Auto Refill” column in your profile to join. When it’s time to refill your prescription, Costco will send out a confirmation email or text. Once you confirm, your prescription will be filled within 72 hours and then shipped to you.

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4. Have Prescriptions Delivered to You

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Yes, you read that right. Prescriptions can be delivered to you for no extra charge. You don’t have to be in the auto-refill program to have prescriptions delivered either. To learn more about your prescription home delivery, check out here to get started.

3. Transfer Your Costco Pharmacy Prescription to Other Stores

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Want to change Costco Pharmacies but are worried about the hassle? Costco makes it easy to transfer prescriptions from one Costco location to another. This is only available if you sign up for Home Delivery and you’re transferring between Costco locations.

To transfer your prescription from an outside Pharmacy to a Costco pharmacy, you’ll have to request a new prescription from your provider.

2. Costco Pharmacy Prices Are Competitive

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Costco’s Pharmacy, like the rest of the wholesalers, is about savings. When comparing prices to common Pharmacies, there are stark differences. For example, Reddit user Colinstalter shares their experience paying $90 a month with insurance until they switched to Costco. Now, they pay $19 for three months and truly see the benefits of this wholesale model.

In terms of medications, common drugs like Mucinex D cost $7.74 at Costco. At Hyvee or Walgreens, this same medication costs around $13.74. Alternatively, the antidepressant Duloxetine costs $23.99 while other providers fall around $34.

If you want to verify yourself, check here to see what the price difference is on the medicine you need.

1. Save With Costco’s Member Prescription Program


Join the Costco member prescription program, or CMPP, for even more savings. The CMPP is free for Costco members, but be aware this is not insurance. You will not receive a reimbursement when you make a prescription purchase, but you can get discounts on prescriptions and some over-the-counter meds.

There is no exact amount of savings that you should expect with this program. As Costco states, “the amount of price reduction is determined at the time of purchase,” so this is handled on a case-by-case basis by store location. However, savings range from 2% to 40% or more depending on the drug.

Why Use a Costco Pharmacy?

This wholesaler provides tons of services at an affordable price. From their frequent discounts to their accessible services with the Pharmacy or auto-care, Costco has it all.

There are countless reasons to opt for Costco’s Pharmacy. Thanks to Costco’s lowest prices on prescriptions and over-the-counter medication, you can rack up the savings while staying healthy. And it’s not just for you! Make sure you stay on top of your pet’s health, too.

While the wait could be a downside for many, Costco makes up for it with the ability to have medicine shipped to you. Plus, they provide auto-refill and reminder options to help you stay on top of your prescription.

If you want to join in on the fun, don’t forget to keep checking back here for all information related to Costco, from their best secrets to their membership information. And of course, always check out your Costco location to find great .97 deals in your area to save.

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