Shopping can be hard work and is even worse on an empty stomach. Costco lovers enjoy the bargains, but they also love the food courts present in every warehouse. Can you say Costco hot dogs? If you are hungry while shopping, take a moment to try something new at the food court. With so many options it can be hard to know which snacks are must-tries, but thankfully, we gathered the twelve best Costco food court items you have to try on your next shopping trip.

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12. Roast Beef Sandwich

Costco roast beef sandwich

OK, we admit this first one is a bit controversial. The roast beef sandwich has drawn quite a bit of attention since being rolled out in early 2023. There are quite a few members who didn’t like it, but fans of the sandwich appreciated how hearty the meal was with lots of meat served up on a fresh roll. As a Costco food court item, it was a pricier fave (at $9.99 per sandwich) — which means it cost as much as a whole Costco pizza. Some customers were willing to pay, but it has been discontinued and replaced with the new turkey and Swiss sandwich. 

11. Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie

best Costco food court items

This isn’t just your grandmother’s chocolate chip cookie. For one thing, this new Costco food court item is huge – nearly as big as a “Pizookie,” or cookie the size of a pizza. Customers love the large size and quality of the cookie, which has a crunchy outside and a soft gooey inside. You might want to pick up this treat the next time you shop.

10. BBQ Brisket Sandwich

Costco bbq brisket sandwich

BBQ is super popular across the U.S., but it was also a staple in Costco’s food court thanks to the brisket sandwich. Customers could not get enough of this sandwich, which had savory brisket layered with coleslaw in a soft bun. Unfortunately, the brisket sandwich has disappeared from several Costco food courts. Shoppers are taking to Reddit to show their love for the sandwich and hope it will reappear on their menu in the future. 

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9. Vanilla Sundae

best Costco food court items

Costco customers love the ice cream cups sold at Costco food courts, but did you know you can also elevate your vanilla ice cream with some rich chocolate sauce? Also known as the vanilla sundae, Costco’s soft serve is doused in a delicious chocolate sauce that many fans want to bring home with them. This is a perfect way to end a Costco shopping trip.

8. Açai Bowl

Costco acai bowl

As food courts and fast food restaurants look for healthy options to add to their menu, Costco achieved this with its açai bowl. The frozen açai treat was covered with granola and berries, adding both a nice textural balance and nutrients from the fruit. Unfortunately for us, the bowl was discontinued during COVID-19, but some fans have recreated the recipe at home.

7. Churro

best Costco food court items

Out of all the best Costco food court items, we can’t forget the churro. While starting as a staple for on-the-go Costco shoppers, the dessert was discontinued in favor of the chocolate chip cookie and is dearly missed by fans. The handheld snack was popular for its loaded cinnamon and sugar coating with crunchy yet soft dough inside. 

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6. Turkey Provolone Sandwich

Costco turkey provolone sandwich

Costco has featured several sandwiches in its food courts over the years, but none of them were quite like the hot turkey provolone sandwich. In the sandwich, you could find deli turkey, provolone, red onions, and pesto, pressed between two slices of ciabatta bread. Customers loved this sandwich, with one Reddit fan commenting “My life has never been the same without this sandwich.” Costco has taken this item off of the food court menu, but many are hoping it will come back soon.

5. Chicken Caesar Salad

Costco best food court items

Another healthier option sold at Costco food courts is the chicken Caesar salad, which contains Costco’s fresh rotisserie chicken. Returning to the food courts after a three-year hiatus, each salad contains romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing, and of course, slices of rotisserie chicken. Costco fans are especially excited about this salad, as it has been upgraded to be tastier than ever!

4. Strawberry Sundae

Costco strawberry sundae

Out of all of the sundae choices at Costco, the strawberry sundae is far above the rest in terms of fans. Some customers enjoy the strawberry ice cream and strawberry topping combo whereas others enjoy the vanilla ice cream with strawberry topping — the strawberry customization is up to you. Customers love the soft texture of the ice cream and the delicate strawberry taste, along with the real strawberries in the sauce. 

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3. Hot Dog

best Costco food court items

Also known as the hot dog and soda combo, this Costco food court item costs $1.50 and has stayed the same price since 1985, making the hot dog one of the few everlasting food court items. The meat itself has a smoky and juicy taste, and you can add on chopped onions (they are back in some food courts if you ask), sweet pickle relish, mustard, or ketchup for free. The biggest plus for customers is the refillable 20-ounce soda, which makes this a great bargain item at the food court. We sure do miss the polish dog, though!!

2. Chicken Bake

chicken bake Costco

In true Costco fashion, the chicken bake is huge. Inside the cheese-crusted pizza dough is a combination of rotisserie chicken breast, cheese, bacon, and Caesar dressing. The best part? This whole thing only costs $3.99. Customers rave about the filling, calling it “absolutely fantastic” and one of the best Costco food court items to go back for.

1. Pizza

Costco pizza

For the best of the best, we can’t debate Costco pizza — offered in both cheese and pepperoni. Along with selling full pies, you can grab single slices from the food court, too. Out of the two options, customers tend to lean towards the pepperoni for a hint of spicy flavor. We know Costco fans sometimes make a pit stop for Costco pizza even if they aren’t shopping in-store. That’s when you know it’s truly a food court staple. 

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Shopping at Costco doesn’t have to just be about shopping for groceries. Enjoy a meal at Costco’s food court, and make sure to try at least one of these fan favorites in your local warehouse the next time you go shopping. Even though some of these best Costco food court items are discontinued, we hope they bring some of them back in future years. 

What’s your favorite food court item? Let us know in the comments below!