Costco supplies nearly everything you need at home — and it’s the perfect place to stock up your freezer with their pre-made meals, frozen treats, or even ready-to-cook protein. While Costco offers products from its private brand, Kirkland Signature, it also supplies items from bigger brands like Eggo, Ore-Ida, and Häagen-Dazs. If you’re curious about which companies are behind Costco frozen food products, here is the background about what you store in the freezer.

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Who Makes Costco Frozen Food?

There are many types of companies behind Costco’s frozen food, including large name-brands or Kirkland Signature suppliers. Regardless of the company behind the brand, they provide quality products that make us Costco fans happy. Here are some examples of brands behind Costco’s frozen products. 


Kellogg's / Costco frozen food

Our first name brand is a popular breakfast food. Eggo waffles are a great and easy way to start the day, but did you know that Kellogg’s is behind this well-known food? Kellogg’s also produces Eggo pancakes, along with several types of cereal like Froot Loops, Frosted Mini Wheats, and Apple Jacks. 

Townsend Farms

what company is behind Costco frozen food?

The first Costco frozen food is Kirkland Signature’s three-berry blend, which is produced by Townsend Farms, a wholesaler of fresh and frozen berry products. They distribute frozen products under both private and brand labels. 

Costco stocks frozen berries from this company, and were responsible for a possible hepatitis A contamination in 2019. Townsend Farms provides frozen berries to both Kirkland Signature and Kroger. 

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H.J. Heinz Company Brands LLC

Ore-Ida french fries

If you enjoy eating french fries, then the brand Ore-Ida should be pretty recognizable with its bright red packaging. From golden crinkles to fast food shoestrings, Ore-Ida has lots of options to choose from at Costco. The brand behind Ore-Ida may surprise you. 

H.J. Heinz Company Brands LLC may be a long and confusing name, but some of the brands owned by the company are quite notorious. These include Kraft, Heinz, Oscar Mayer, Ore-Ida, Velveeta, and even Maxwell House. H.J. Heinz specifically stocks their Ore-Ida fries on Costco’s shelves. 

Kader Exports

Kirkland Signature shrimp

Instead of getting name-brand seafood the next time you shop, consider purchasing Kirkland Signature, a high-quality option for a low price. One of these items is Kirkland’s Tail-on Cooked Shrimp provided by Kader Exports. 

Kader is a Mumbai-based marine products manufacturer, which was revealed in 2020 over salmonella contamination concerns. According to the FDA notice, Kader Exports supplies shrimp to brands like Aqua Star Reserve, CenSea, and Unistar. 


what company is behind Costco frozen food?

Highlighted on several of our Costco.97 blogs is Just Bare chicken, a great frozen item at a bargain price for busy families. Just Bare sells chicken patties and spicy chicken strips at Costco, but is not the brand selling to Costco. 

Pilgrim’s® owns several chicken-based brands, catering to customers around the world. Some of their prominent brands include Pilgrim’s Chicken, Just Bare, Gold’n Plump, Moy Park, and Del Dia. 


Kirkland Signature frozen pizzas

Kirkland Signature frozen pizzas are popular among Costco customers and used to come from a prominent pizza company. There was a connection made in 2012 between Kirkland brand pizza and Palermo’s pizza when the Palermo Workers Union visited Costco headquarters, but this happened over a decade ago. 

Neither company has commented on the connection since then, so we cannot confirm if Palermo’s is still behind Kirkland’s frozen pizza. 

General Mills

what company is behind Costco frozen food?

The last name-brand item on our list is a fan-favorite ice cream product sold at Costco. Häagen-Dazs provides smooth and creamy ice cream in every tub, and sells several types of flavors at our favorite wholesaler. But there’s a brand behind Häagen-Dazs delicious ice cream, and you might be surprised who it is. 

General Mills is one of the most well-known cereal brands in the world with products like Lucky Charms or Cheerios. This is not the only product General Mills offers, since it also owns brands like Häagen-Dazs, Old El Paso, Nature Valley, Annie’s, Pillsbury, and Yoplait. 

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Plenty of the name brands we know are owned by other companies. For instance, General Mills has numerous types of cereal brands, but they have snack foods, yogurts, and Blue Buffalo dog food too. This is especially true in Costco’s frozen food section, where items could be sold by another company entirely. Fortunately for us, this doesn’t decrease the quality of the products that we love. 

Also, no matter what brand is behind Kirkland Signature, you cannot deny the quality or bargain of Costco products. If you enjoy frozen foods to stock your freezer with, pick up some of these Kirkland Signature products and see what big label owns them behind the scenes.

Throughout the U.S., Costco freezer sections come with both name-brand and Kirkland products, so you can see for yourself which products are better!

Did you know the companies behind Costco frozen food? Comment your surprises below!