Instead of taking an extra trip to an Apple Store for a new laptop or tablet, you can grab the latest Apple products at Costco. Home to several amazing name brands, especially with clothes and accessories like Adidas and Calvin Klien, their stock doesn’t stop there — Costco also offers name-brand technology. Next time you’re shopping for groceries, don’t forget to check out Costco Apple products. 

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Why Shop Apple at Costco?

Why shop for Costco Apple products instead of going to the brand store? For one, the convenience of getting everything you need at one location, from cheap gas and prescriptions to home goods and appliances, saves a bit of time. Plus, thanks to Costco, you’ll always find sneaky deals and discounts. And believe it or not, it’s common to see some Apple products at a discounted rate while shopping at your local store. 

Other key reasons come down to two benefits: the return policy and extended warranty. We’ve already gushed over how amazing Costco’s return policy is, but imagine it applying to something as expensive as an iPhone. 

While the return policy for most products is pretty much limitless and flexible, Costco’s return policy on electronics (like phones, computers, and watches) must happen within 90 days of purchase. While more restrictive, it’s still better than the two-week window that stores like Best Buy and the Apple Store provide. 

Now for another big bonus when shopping for Costco Apple products: the extended warranty. Having a Costco membership gives customers unlimited lifetime technical support on electronics bought there plus a two-year warranty on each electronic purchase as well. This is huge, considering the warranty only lasts for one year at other stores. 

8 Best Costco Apple Products

8. Apple HomePod Mini

HomePod Mini, Costco

Spruce up your home with the Apple HomePod Mini. The audio speaker is packed with big sound considering it’s only three inches tall. It takes up little to no space and fills the entire room with 360-degree audio. The HomePod Mini can also hook up to your smartphone so you can easily control the sound with just your phone. 

While this current product is not on sale online, you can always check your local store for better deals. Compared to Apple prices though, you can save a few dollars, as this HomePod Mini is only $94.99, compared to $99 at the Apple Store. It comes in five beautiful colors: blue, orange, space grey, white, and yellow. 

7. Apple TV 3rd Gen

Apple TV, Costco

Along with HomePod to enhance your audio, some TV entertainment can be found with Costco Apple products like this 3rd Gen Apple TV. The device has 64 GB of storage for apps and games and has 4K Dolby Vision for vivid picture quality. Apple TV brings the perfect theater-like sound to get fully immersed in the shows. This purchase also comes with both the Apple TV block and the new remote with a touch-enabled click pad. 

With an Apple TV product, you can access the subscriptions and therefore, Apple TV exclusives like Invasion, See, Ted Lasso, Lessons in Chemistry, and Slow Horses. You can purchase an Apple TV with access to only WiFi for $124.99, a few dollars cheaper than the Apple Store at $129. Or you can purchase the Apple TV box that has both a WiFi and Ethernet option for $144.99, which is priced at $149 at Apple. 

6. iPhone 15  

iPhone 15, Costco

With the Costco Apple product selection, you can get the most recent iPhone (currently the 15), anytime you’re shopping for groceries. The favorite out of the wide selection of colors is the black titanium. Customers also opt for the iPhone 15 Pro Max with 256GB of memory. 

It features the groundbreaking A17 Pro Chip with a customizable action button and a powerful camera system. The phone comes with two years of AppleCare+, and you can sign up with any cell phone carrier you prefer. 

5. Apple iPad 10.9 (10th Gen)

Apple iPad 10.9, Costco

The newest iPad is actually a great purchase when looking through Costco Apple products. Customers enjoy the newest iPad for its sleek look, updated technology, and affordable price. Many comment on the fact that it’s just as useful as the Air model without being overly advanced. The price for this iPad at the Apple Store is $349, but you can grab one at Costco for only $339.99

The iPad comes in blue and silver, with varying capacities of 64GB and 256GB of storage — the latter costing $489.99. The iPad has a striking 10.9-inch display with an A14 bionic chip, and an amazing back and front camera. It works with both a 1st generation Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard Folio. 

4. Apple AirPods 3rd Gen 

Airpods 3rd Gen, Costco

AirPods are another one of the Costco Apple products that are worth purchasing at the wholesaler. AirPods are highly sought after for Apple users thanks to their audio quality and contoured design for a seamless feel in your ear. The AirPods have sensors so you can easily control your music, phone calls, and more with just a few taps. 

Best of all, they’re both sweat and water-resistant so you can enjoy nature without worrying about damage. Apple Store has these priced at $169, but you can snatch them up at Costco for only $139.99. Customers love the huge savings that Costco provides.

3. Apple Watch Series SE

Apple Watch SE, Costco

Smartwatches are becoming more and more popular. Phones provide a lot of convenience but having everything at your wrist with just a few taps brings the hands-free lifestyle to you. If you’re in the market for an Apple Watch, the SE is the best option. Customers prefer it over the other models because it’s simple to use and has everything you need — from messages and phone calls to health and activity tracking.

It works great with other Apple devices and is water-resistant. The price at the Apple Stores sits at $249, but you can get an amazing discount at Costco for $199.99. For those that want an upgrade, Costco also has the Series 9 for $389.99, very similar to the Apple Store price of $399. 

2. MacBook Air 13-inch – Cheapest Costco Apple Laptop

MacBook Air 13, Costco

When it comes to laptops, it’s clear that Apple outdoes itself often. So not only will we look at the best overall laptop in Costco Apple products, but also the cheapest option thanks to their amazing discounted rates. The MacBook Air 13-inch laptop with a M2 chip and 256GB of storage is the best-value laptop at Costco.

It has 18 hours of battery life with a 13.6-inch display and even a 1080p camera. It comes in four colors: space grey, silver, starlight, and midnight. Customers adore how affordable the MacBook is and how it doesn’t skimp on the performance. Costco has this product priced at $949.99, a little under the Apple Store’s price of $999. 

1. MacBook Pro 14-inch – Best Costco Apple Laptop

MacBook Pro, Costco

As for those who want to spend a bit of extra money to get the newest, best model, then look towards the 14-inch MacBook Pro laptop. It has an M3 chip that is chock-full of advanced speed and power for all your computer needs and has 512GB of storage. Customers love the battery life, as it lasts up to 22 hours.

It also has a beautiful XDR display, and 8GB of unified memory to help make everything smooth and fast while you’re working. It comes in two colors: space grey and silver. Thanks to the many Costco Apple products, this has a discounted price of $1,549.99, which is just a bit better than the Apple Store retailing it for $1,599.99.  

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What are your favorite Costco Apple products? What was your experience with their extended warranty or return policy for electronics? Let us know you’re thoughts in the comments. And don’t forget to keep checking back with Costco97 for all the best deals, like the hidden .97 discounts around the stores.